1. A subjective writing style is more typical of _qualitatively -oriented journals.

1.A subjective writing style is more typical of _qualitatively-oriented journals.

2.The slope of the regression line shows: Themagnitude or difference or relationship between variables

3.Patton`smodel provides an overall way of: Thinkingabout the integration of the qualitative and quantitative analysis

4.Theprocess of translating raw data into a form that represents theoriginal data in summary, indexed, graphic, or other coded form iscalled: Datareduction

5.Inanalysis of variance terms, a main effect suggests that differencesbetween groups are _ consistent(or linear),while an interaction effect means that the differences between groupsare _ notconsistent (not linear).

6.In_ contentanalysis, the step in which the researcher usually identifies and apply therules that are used to divide each text into segments or ”˜”˜chunks“is called _unitizing.

7.One of the inherent limits in content analysis of text documents is:Contentanalysis cannot be done in a systematic way that could be replicatedby other researchers using the same data