2 February, 2016

2February, 2016

TheDifferences between Chinese and Western Food

Chinesefood differs from western food in a number of ways such as thecooking methods, cooking tools and the ingredients used. The mostnotably difference between the two, is the types of ingredients usedduring the cooking process. There exists a variety of Chinese foodssuch as Shanghai food, Szechwan food, Kwangtung food and so on. Theyall have their own distinct and special flavor. An example is theShanghai dish which is typically sweeter as well as the Kwangtungdish.

Inaddition, the Szechwan dish is usually spicy, it is important tounderstand that all their flavors are from different sources. Everykind of chef picks a specific ingredient however the Chinese chefsuse variety of ingredients and large amount of sources to cookdishes. Comparing with Chinese chefs, the Western chefs usuallyutilize a specific and a constant source to cook dishes such as pork,beef and broccoli and so on. However, the western chefs prefer tocook different styles or flavors in different ways. When I traveledto England, I tried two different flavors of beef dish. The chefinformed me they were Dry Heat Methods and Wet Heat Methods when Iconsulted him.

Regardingthese two kinds of cooking methods of beef dishes, I decided tosearch further on the Internet. Dry heat beef is cooked by thedifferent way first, the surface of the beef should be flavorfulcrust. Then, the person preparing it is supposed to make the beefdrier. Finally it is cooked but do not overcook. However, for the wetheat beef, we just need to cook juices make up for it(enhoy-how-to-cook.com).Besides that, the seasoning is also different between China andwestern countries. In the western countries, chefs prefer usingground pepper, barbecue source,cheese, butter and parsley. But in China, chefs always use staranise, ginger, garlic, spring onionand so on.

Thesecond important part is that the cooking tools are very different.One the most distinct methods the Chinese chefs utilize their toolsis through using the Chinese wok to cook dishes. The Chinese wok is aspecial wok “each range has one or more chambers or well(openings) over which work are placed for cooking” (A CahnersPublication, 1992). The Chinese chefs are usually willing to use openfireduring cooking. This method of cooking is only possible if there is aChinese wok. However, for western chef, usually use many kinds oftools to cook food such as gridiron, frying panand toaster.

Thelast important part is that there are different ways of cookingbetween the Chinese chefs and western chefs. For Chinese chefs, theyalways put the whole ingredientsinto the wok and cook. Chefs always mix them in the wok. For example,Chinese cuisine is always named by more than one names of ingredientssuch as Tomatofried eggs or the Braised Pork with Vermicelli. Hence the Chinesechefs like to make two or more different flavors come togetherbecause that is the Chinese culture. Chinesepeople tend to use stir-fry or quick-fry method (Adreep.cn, 2003).However, for western chefs, they often cook every part of onecuisine. The chefs place them into one pan, decorate and finish thepreparing a dish.

Inconclusion, the Chinese food and western food are very differentbecause they have different cultures and styles. However, anyone hashis or her own specific flavor which can be improved through learningfrom one another.


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