A Career in Biotechnology


ACareer in Biotechnology


SinceI was young, I have had great interest in pursuing a career inscience. Motivated by the environment where I grew up, beinginnovative was the only way to survive in order to tackle thechallenges which we faced as a community. At the final year of highschool studies, I participated in a science symposium organised bythe state education officials, and was aimed at sensitising thecommunity on the need to embrace greenhouse farming as a tool forensuring food sustainability. This conference greatly shaped myinterest to the field of biotechnology as I viewed it as the only wayto help my community have a sustainable development.

Justlike any other career in STEM, biotechnology requires one toconstantly innovate, as technology evolves every minute and we are asociety based on technology in almost every part of our lives. As aperson who believes in investigating as well as solving problems, itis my true believe that, by studying biotechnology, I willparticipate more in alleviating poverty not only in my community butalso across the world. For instance, I will be able to take part inresearch works aimed at developing new drugs for diseases such asEbola, dengue fever, malaria among other illnesses which for along-time hindered economic development, especially in Africa andLatin America communities. Further, this course will help me developdrought resistance foods, which will go a long way in ensuring foodsecurity as well-stipulated in the Millennium Development Goals ofthe United Nations. Therefore, I would strongly advocate for thiscourse to all those students interested in mathematics, technologyand science in the future.


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