ACO An Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model


ACO: An Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model

Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are a collaboration betweenprimary care clinicians, nurses, specialists and the hospital, whoaccept responsibility for the quality and cost of care afforded topatients (Williams, 2013). When an ACO meets certain cost and qualitytargets, the members receive a financial bonus. ACOs promotehealthcare accountability and coordinate service delivery underMedicare Part A and B. The organization of ACOs differs from oneorganization to another. In certain versions of the model, theleadership of the model is reserved for physicians. In other versionsof the model, nursing staff can take up leadership positions. Some ofthe rules that govern ACOs include a minimum number of medicalpractitioners who can form the model. This essay seeks to describethe Accountable Care Organizations healthcare delivery model andoutline the benefits accruing to interdisciplinary healthcare modelssuch as ACO.

The model improves care for the patients by increasing thecoordination of services offered by different categories of medicalpractitioners (Williams, 2013). The model also empowers the patientsto become active partners in the delivery of healthcare services.Results have shown that the model improves job satisfaction amonghealthcare providers. The overall result is a boost in their moraleand consequently, provision of quality healthcare services. The modelaims at instilling efficiency among medical practitioners indifferent disciplines. The high levels of efficiency achieved have adirect impact on the service delivery for patients. The services areprompt, and of high quality. In addition, the need for efficiencymotivates the healthcare providers to be more creative. The increasedcreativity helps the practitioners to solve recurring problems andthe patients get the opportunity to enjoy some of the best services.


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