Admission/Personal Statement Mercer



Throughoutmy life in high school, I had the sole aim of being a mechanicalengineer in one of the reputable institutions in this state. The highschool knowledge I received was not substantial enough to enable meto make a viable conclusion regarding my choice of career as amechanical engineer. So when I joined this university, I enrolledinto some courses for quite some time during the initial periods ofthe semester but was not comfortable with all these courses. I,therefore, concluded that my interest was in a different faculty andspecifically mechanical engineering because that had for long been mydream profession since my high school days. The engineering class is,therefore, the right match for me, and that is why I have decided totransfer.

Inmy current college, I am a member of various clubs that have helpedshape my knowledge and skills towards the passion I have formechanical engineering. I am a member of clubs like Sigma KappaDelta, Phi Theta Kappa, Honors Association, MESA Club, and ASME Cluband also have I been actively involved in the research that isrelated to Biophysics specifically in medical technology. Mymembership in these clubs have widened my skills about theengineering profession and as such contributed positively towardsinfluencing my choice of this career. Coupled with these, during myhigh school days, I was actively involved in science exhibitions todifferent levels of competition. I was known to be very active andintelligent in science in general by my fellow students and teachers.The teachers encouraged me to pursue an engineering related fieldbecause that is where I did better and my interests were always inengineering related studies and most probably mechanical orbiological engineering. All the experience I have learned since highschool and the membership in the clubs and societies that have aninterest in engineering have the essentials that are required inmechanical engineering a profession where my interest is currently.Similarly, in this year, I have been involved in motivating talkswhere I motivate the first year students who have the passion forjoining this profession.

Inthe course of other disciplines that I had taken earlier on, Ideveloped the love to learn. I attained a near-perfect GPA, which isthe evidence that I am very hardworking in class and promise toreflect that in the engineering field that I have applied for at thisuniversity. During the holiday periods, I usually attend thedifferent engineering workshops that take place in our state rangingfrom a period of one to two weeks. These workshops have motivated andinspired me in several ways that have positively contributed to mylove for mechanical engineering. I have lived to admire the work ofengineers when I visit different organizations both private andpublic with an intention of finding out what normally takes place inthese organizations that deal with mechanical engineeringextensively. Wherever I visit such places, I always ask the engineersabout the experience they have about the profession and the answersthey give are a motivating factor for me as a person who has the urgeto study mechanical engineering. They make me develop a feeling thatI should be an engineer so that I inspire those who have theintention of studying mechanical engineering.

Decidingon the best course that suits my career has not been an easier taskfor me but following the different studies that I have previouslytaken and the self-knowledge that I gained I have come to concludethat I am better suited to take a mechanical engineering course. Mydreams will come true by taking this engineering course.

Iwould like to join this university because it has unparalleled termswhen it comes to quality of education in the engineering field.Similarly, it has been ranked among the best universities offeringlaw in the universe, and this makes it my best choice.

IfI get the necessary skills and knowledge from this university to bean engineer, my main objective of solving the problems that theuniverse is facing will be accomplished. I will be proficient in aprofession that better matches my dream in life.


Mychoice to take mechanical engineering is attributed to severalreasons. First, mechanical engineers are multi-skilled and can handlesome of the tasks that most people in the engineering sector handle.The other additional skills that mechanical engineers have includeelectricity, computer applications, mathematics, and physics amongother skills. This will put the mechanical engineers in a betterposition to handle a wide area of engineering related disciplinesmeaning that they can multi-task in the places of work. I will beprivileged in the job market as the mechanical engineer compared toother engineers.

Secondly,there are numerous global opportunities that emerge in theengineering industry that needs the knowledge of mechanicalengineers. Almost every industry is in need of the mechanicalengineer to help it accomplish its objectives that are related toengineering.

Thirdly,in almost all industries, mechanical engineers lead towards thedevelopment of future technologies. The engineers are the ones whooffer proper advice on their companies on the proper technologicalmethod to use to be in line with other organizations in the industry.I would like to be part of a team or the leader of a team in theindustry who will help major companies adopt the most recent andupdated technology in carrying out their activities.


Inthe society we are living in, biological problems are facing theuniverse. I will be in a position to understand the operation of thebiological systems and the necessary processes that are required torenew some of the resources. Renewing will be essential to avoidenvironmental pollution and the health hazards that arise due to thepolluted environment. Understanding the biological processes willrequire me to come up with innovative biotechnologies which willrequire that I have to engage my mind. I would like to solve theproblems facing the environment by using the biological knowledgethat I will have acquired from this institution by the time I will bethrough with my studies.

Industriesare making use of biological engineering especially in pharmaceuticalindustries and production of bulk chemicals that need fermentation.Likewise, mineral industries like those dealing with copper and goldhave employed extensive use of biological engineering throughbioleaching of copper and mineral ores. I would like to put myknowledge in application in such industries to help them achievetheir core objectives in their daily operation of businesses.