Advertisements using Abraham Maslow`s hierarchy of needs

Advertisementsusing Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Advertisementsusing Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Agood marketer masters the Maslow hierarchy of needs and uses it toprovide a brand that addresses the needs of the consumers. A customerbehavior towards a product is driven by the ability of the brand toaddress his psychological needs. Many companies, as well asadvertising agencies, are making a killing from making consumers havethe notion that the products they are selling are extremely importantto them. By applying the hierarchy of needs, companies can meet theneeds of the consumers. One such advertisement is that of Dettolwhere consumers get to see parents and their children engaging inactivities that bring about touching germs such as, playing in themud, touching of domestic animals, going to the washroom and such.The thirty seconds advert then shows moms mostly helping theirchildren with disinfecting themselves with Dettol. The advert appliesMaslow’s hierarchy of needs in the second stage which is safety(Maslow, 1954).In this case, it is the safety of the family’shealth protecting everyone from illnesses. The second advert isCoca-Cola advert popularly known as “share a coke “which hascontainers that have different kinds of people’s names. This advertcan be related to the third stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needswhich is social. The names on the Coke bottles are a way ofsocializing with others and even creating a friendship.

Whenit comes to the marking and consumer segmentation concept, it isclear that the Dettol advert has mainly targeted women and mostespecially mothers. Reason being, they are the ones who mainly spenda lot of time with their children while caring and protecting them.The coke advert is mainly targeted at young people who are at thetime of socializing and making new friendships and relationships. TheDettol advert aligns with its primary mission ‘for health’ sinceit shows mothers taking care of their young ones and family at largeby getting rid of germs using Dettol(Reckitt Benckiser Inc., 2012).The coke advert aligns with the company’s mission of keeping peoplerefreshed while inspiring happy times (Coca-Cola Company, 2016).

Aninternational version of the coke advertisement is that where theyare advertising the Super Bowl 2016 using mini cans. The advert usedmini cans with decorations of celebrities like incredible hulk andAnt-man. The difference in the international advert is thatcelebrities and most especially movie stars are used to ensure peoplerelate to them. The marketing and psychology used have changed byusing celebrities as opposed to ordinary people consumers get to seethat the coke drink is so unique such that even celebrities likeAnt-man and incredible hulk, Captain America also drink them. Thisencourages millions of people most especially movie fans to buy cokejust like their favorite celebrity.

Therole of this study paper was to explain the role of the marketingconcept and how it can be applied in modern business today. The studypaper has demonstrated the theoretical principles and concepts bywhich the marketing principles are based on. Also, the paperdescribed the manner in which marketing management task fit theenvironment of n organization and the interaction with variousenvironments. Additionally, the paper proved that consumers areresponsible for building the brands through giving value to the brandby expectation and developing perception. Companies such Coca Colaenhance the consumer value on the brand by consistently deliveringbrand experiences that can be trusted by the customers.


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