Advocacy Strategies in Nurse Practice


AdvocacyStrategies in Nurse Practice

Allnurses have opportunities to make a positive impact on the professionthrough advocacy be it in the workplace or for nursing practice. Workplace advocacy is an organized and planned system of servicesthat are designed to solve the challenges that nurses face in theirpractice. Workplace advocacy empowers nurses to solve issues such aspractice and occupational health and safety in their own settings.

Someof the workplace advocacy strategies that can be used includeaccountability, conflict resolution and problem solving instinctswhere by nurses are required to give input when required, takeresponsibility for your workplace and the health safety as a whole.In this regard, emphasis particularly made on working throughconflict assertively and constructively.

Influenceis another strategy that can be used to facilitate change or solveissues in a nurses’ workplace, this is where one is able to changepeople’s thoughts and beliefs. It is done through competencies,trustworthiness and credibility. Building a case for the desiredchange through sober decision making and keeping the best interestsof those involved is crucial for change to be seen.

Collaborationis also another strategy that can be used to enhance changes in theworkplace. Collaborative relationships have proven to be important ina bid to make changes or solve issues because they have common goalsand common strategies which ultimately aid in effecting the desiredchanges.

Inconclusion, advocacy is complex and requires skills in communicationand problem solving and though it is incremental in the process ofachieving change, it may need time for it to be thoroughly effective.Nurses are relied upon by patients to ensure that they get propercare and thus nurses ought to be their patients’ advocates in theirpractice. If all nurses were to adopt patient advocacy as theircornerstone in the practice then the workplace would be a perfectenvironment where quality health care services are provided.


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