Analytical Response are we to be a Nation?

AnalyticalResponse: are we to be a Nation?

Theyoung nation encountered the problems of ineffectual Congress thatwere as a result governing the new republic of the world. Theindividual nations were acting like sovereign nations, and peoplewondered if the new country would survive following the series ofevents the country was following. The states lacked the direction andcohesiveness that was required for it to function as a single state.

Washingtonwas responsible for leading the military troops to secure theirnation from the hands of the British government after losing a seriesof battles to the Britain. He ordered his soldiers to embed Paine intheir troops, and this made them win the battle they next faced. Thiswas important because it changed the psychological makeup of the war.

Therewas a conflict of democratic freedom that was solved by linking theAmerican freedom with equality for its citizens. The conflict ofreligious toleration was solved by separating the church from thestate as most people believed the church was the foundation ofmorality. The conflict of defining the economic freedom was solved bythe Congress encouraging all states to fix wages and prices.

Therewas a very strong debate between the proponents of the individualliberty and those who advocated for the national strength. Theevolution of this debate led to the formation of the Constitution andthe new government. The compromises between these two parties and theresultant debate led to the ratification of the Constitution by themajority states.

Fromthe video, I like the way the American troops joined hands throughtheir leader Washington to lead successful attacks against theBritish who had defeated them for a couple of days. I as well likethe compromises and the debate that led to the ratification of theconstitution. There’s no part of the video that I did not like.