Analytical Response



Thepurpose of the Article of confederation was to make sure that thethirteen states remained united. The alliance would help them win thewar for independence. After the war, there grew concerns over theefficiency of the government. Some problems started to come upstates no longer paid taxes and the central government did not haveany mandate to force them to pay. The states would violate the settreaties and went ahead to make some of their own disregarding thecentral government. States started to go against each other andalmost came to war themselves. A convention was called inPhiladelphia to resolve these issues among the states.

Washingtonnever participated in the debates at Philadelphia, but only presidedover them. He did not have faith in the Constitution set at the time.He made sure that there was a stable start for the new governmentwhen he was elected the first president in the U.S. He stepped downafter two terms of presidency and this set the platform for allothers to come, where they were only allowed to run for two terms.

Therewas conflict about having a strong or weak government. Stronggovernments were disliked because they would bring back the feelingof them being subjects on the other hand, a weak government wouldnot be effective.

Ratificationwas a big issue then, and it took the use of newspapers and pamphletsto debate about this. They decided upon strengthening the centralgovernment while at the same time giving people a chance through theBill of rights. Smaller states wanted an equal representation it wassolved by having equal parts of senate and the house. Slavery wasalso an issue in the South that matter was laid to rest by allowingfor time to pass after the making of the constitution.

Iliked the way the constitution was made at the same time, it broughtall the states together and gave them equal rights. However, mucheffort would have been addressed toward the issue on slavery. Some ofthe pointers to take away from these would be humility on the partabout giving up leadership as was best portrait by Washington. It wasa good way to set the bar on the standards of good leadership inAmerica.