Apple Macbook 12 inch vs. Google Chromebook Pixel


AppleMacbook 12 inch vs. Google Chromebook Pixel

Factorsto Consider before buying a laptop

Buyinga new product has always been a difficult task to do. When it comesto computers, a device with a lot of importance in the modern worldand continuing to draw a lot of interest, one should be very carefulbefore purchasing one. Whether it is for business, personal oreducational purpose, a good laptop is very essential. With a lot ofvarieties available, and of different price in the market, buying agood laptop computer suiting the need of the individual, and paying areasonable price could become a problem (White, Doughtery, andSchmidt, 2010). That is why student should consider some usefulfactors while buying a laptop.



Thescreen is of great Importance, and a right screen is good for thebetter view. Smaller screens are good when it comes to portableespecially 14 inches to 16 inches, which are better for most work.While for higher resolution, 17 inch works well (Johnson et al.,2012).


Particularattention should be viewed mainly to the processor specifications.The processor is the heart of any computer, and it is always wise togo for the latest one available on the market with higher speed. Thehigher the number of cores in the processor the better theperformance of the laptop GOTTESMAN, B. Z. (2016).

RAM(Random Access Memory)

Itis another major factor to consider while choosing a laptop topurchase. A bigger RAM would give the laptop ability to do more worksimultaneously without straining. Getting a laptop with high RAM isalways a good and wise approach.

Connectivity- Ports

Thelaptop should have sufficient ports for various purposes. Additionalports allow greater connectivity. Currently, in the market USB, 3.0are available and are a lot faster than USB 2.0 ports, so it would bebetter to go for a better laptop and modern one to get 3.0 ports.Modern laptops also come with WLAN adapter that will allow oneEthernet port, a very useful port when it comes to accessing theinternet using the wire technology.

HDD(Hard Disk)

SpaciousHDD for storage purposes is an idea that cannot be overlooked. Atleast 250 GB would be the choice of the size of the hard disk whenbuying a laptop. The bigger the hard drive, the better. With muchspace for storing my work


Longbattery life is essential for a laptop. To avoid inconveniencescaused by laptop shutting in the middle of work. Typical Batteriesare between 2000mah and 6000mah, and one would go to the higher one.


Operatingsystem (OS)

Anoperating system is the most critical software that runs thecomputer. It manages the computer’s memory process and all of itssoftware and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with thecomputer without knowing how to speak the computer language.Therefore choosing the right version of the operation system and themost current one is very essential. Operating system determines howefficient the laptop will perform.



Howmuch I want to spend and how much I have will determine the kind oflaptop ill buy. The more a student spend, the better build, quality,stronger performance and better display Laptop I will get.


Thelaptop is as good as the company behind its manufacturing (GOTTESMAN,B. Z. (2016). A good brand should have accurate and timely technicalsupport. One should also consider how the manufacturers stacks up tothe competition regarding designs, value, and selection.

AppleMacbook 12 inch vs. Google Chromebook Pixel

Thenew Chromebook Pixel and Apple Macbook was announced recently.Physically they are very different machines. When it comes to Apple,economy and portable have been catered for while Chromebook Pixel isall about the power of the cloud. They both make a sacrifice to carveout a niche. Apple MacBook comes with an idea that you can simplifythe computer by embracing wireless technology. While Chromebook isnotable for adopting the new reversible type C connector. That meanswith Chromebook you can plug in power on either slide. That also meanyou have a free type C port and two standard rectangular USBsavailable while charging. Making Chromebook is more versatile indesign than Apple (Beneke, Scheffer, and Du, 2010).

Apple’ssling port design goes to the minimalism of the new MacBook designboth inside and out. It is the thinnest computer Apple has ever madeat 13.1 mm thick and just two pounds in weight. Inside it has a lowpower Intel Core M processor that makes fan unnecessary hencesacrificing power for design and portability. However, for Google itis the other way, they have gone for the latest Core i5 and i7centralprocessing unit and a 16 GB RAM making it a little bit heavier thanApple. They both have great battery life. The MacBook’s Core Mprocessor do not use much juice, and the logic board is tiny. Thatmeans lots of battery space, which Apple crammed into the machinesslender frame. MacBook has nine hours of battery life. Pixel, due torunning the stripped –down Chrome OS that relies on the cloud formost of its heavy duty reaches a battery life of 12hours of usage.

Boththe MacBook and the pixel have extremely nice screens. Apple usingits Retina Display monitor while MacBook 12 inch LCD. To sum up, wecan conclude that both machines are innovative in their way.


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