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Publishedin 1914, ‘’ is a short story genre is authored by JamesJoyce. The author has a well-developed the plot, themes well placedfor the readers and impeccable flow of the story. With regard to thepurpose of the story, the author has focused on highlighting therelationship between man and the church, with key reference to theRoman Catholic as well as the difference between the reality and theideal world. Through symbolism, the author has managed to bring outeffectively the key themes of the short story, which is highlyconcentrated, and the theme is found in the boys (story narrated froma boy’s view) discovery of the discrepancy between the ideal andreal world. This paper analyzes the purpose of the short story‘’ by James Joyce.

Thesisstatement the church has become an integral element of our societyhowever, there has been the difference between the reality and theideal way of living with reference to the church teaching.

Accordingto the short story, the author through the narrator has pointed outthe importance of the church in our society. With reference to today,the church has equally become an integral element in people’s life.In addition to teaching the society on ways to live, and relate to noanother, the change has been there as a link between the life anddeath. However, despite being an integral element in peoples live,the church has engaged in actions, which are continually creating adoubt and boundary between the people and its teaching.

Withreference to the story by James Joyce, the second paragraph, thepriest is seen ‘selling blessings’ which is continually confusingthe society as which is the acceptable actions of the church. Today,the role of the church has become an integrated one. More so, itplays key role in determining the reality and the ideal world. Withthe diverse role of the church, there have also been cases where ithas been deemed for its ineffectual action. With cases of corruptionbeing heard of in the church, there has been an increased riftbetween the societal expectations and the exact church teaching.

Inconclusion, the church today remains an integral establishment in thesociety. And with its role becoming diverse in the modern era, therehave been cases of questing to its integrity. With the cases ofcorruption also being experienced in the church, the society hasquestioned the integrity of the church. Despite the short story waswritten and published in 1914, the highlights made in the story bythe author can be experienced today.