Art Works


Theshow provides a presentation of various works of art put up byvarious artists in a bid to communicate messages that, among others,provide an illustration of the processes that entailed the show ofpower in the society. They play a major role at ensuring that thevarious events in which power was very much shown live to beremembered for years on end. The pieces of art majorly cover from theworld of religion, where protocol plays a very big role at ensuringthat people are able to co-exist through the taking in ofinstructions and be able to relay them.

Thefirst piece of art comes from the Kehinde Wiley studio and is dubbedas a NewRepublicexhibitions. Wiley mostly concentrates on pieces of art that providestories that relate to the street culture as well as blackmasculinity. The works also provide a keen view of details concerninghip hop in a bid of shedding a light towards what it does entail. The piece of art is theEquestrain portrait of King Phillip II.The portrait shows the king on a horse holding what come to bereferred to as the symbolsof power (KehindeWiley Studio | Brooklyn, NY). He is dressed in an ancient militaryregalia, with what appear like two child angels flying on top of hishead while holding a green crown. The person represented on theportrait is, however, not a military leader but rather a prince ofthe church. He represents the supremacy that entail the reins ofpower within the church. He also provides a clear presentation ofwhat being at the help of leadership within the church means. He hasa royal attire on him, with a great show of might and wealth, whichis to be envied and quite ironical at the same time.

Thesecond and third pieces of art that is shown in the collectionrepresents various religious subjects. The second piece of art isthat of theIconic and Memling Series.It is known as, StainedGlass Windows.On this piece, Wiley draws a lot of inspiration from differentreligious images that are scaled intimately. He aims to depictdifferent saints and martyrs that have been recorded over time inhistory in a view of showing people in the church the importance ofsticking to various Christian virtues so that they may help to ensurethat the religion is able to continue growing. He also does this toshow the impact that the religion has had throughout history, notonly on the individuals alone, but also to the entire society ingeneral. The Memling series is based on various works that werecompleted in the 15thCentury by the then famous painter who was known as Hans Memling.Most of his works showed a great representation of people who wereextremely wealthy and were well respected in the society. The imagesportrayed in the MemlingSeriesshow a virtue of closeness between the individual looking at them andthe message that they send. They, therefore, have some element ofemotions in them, an aspect that cannot be overstated. The lack ofstatements made by Memling regarding this work of art, however, bringup a problem in relation to how to interpret the painting well.

Thethird piece is known as the SaintAndrew,which is derived from the series referred to as the Scenic.The piece of art is found at the Chrystler Museum of Art. Thepainting shows a man in blue trousers wearing a red jumper and a redcap. The man has also has a stud on his right ear lobe and a watch(Chrysler Museum Of Art). The attire of the man sends a clear messageof his classical hip hop look, showing that he belongs to the recentgeneration where most youths were marred by a great deal of hip hopevolution. The man in the portrait is also holding two wooden blocksof wood to form a letter, ‘X.’ This is a clear symbolism of thecross, that is a very significant figure in the Christian population.The way the artist has chosen to ‘marry’ Christianity with hiphop is quite thrilling. The piece of art shows the developments thathave taken place over time and the way people have taken differentapproaches as they relate to religion. Some of the ancient rules thatpertained to the practice of religion are being left behind withpeople getting more focused with practicing what they view as themost important and leave those doctrines that they view as mereside-shows (Chrysler Museum Of Art). Most of these side-shows areedged on the attire that people do put o in a bid to show theirpractice of the religion.

Inconclusion, all the works depicted here can relate to some of theworks that I have seen before. One of them is that of the LastSupperwhich was made by the renowned painter, Leonardo Davinci. This isbecause of the strong religious message that all the three paintingssend. This aspect makes all the three works very compelling innature. The works are able to stand a great test of time, based onthe rich content and detail that they have.


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