Article Critique




Theobjective of artificial intelligence, abbreviated AI, is to producehuman aptitude by non-natural methods. The aim of the project is toapply the gained knowledge in engineering field to replace humaneffort that is at times tiresome, produces uneven results, amongother challenges. Some of the benefits affirmed in the proposal areuse of robots, which is a products of AI, in risky areas or tasksinstead of human beings. The project can work if well implemented andgive more advantages than disadvantages. The research is viable as itincludes ways in which the research was conducted.

Theauthor have scored high marks because he or she have illustrated athorough research and enough background of artificial intelligent.The provision of an example of projects which have succeeded, likerobot, assures the confidence of project succeeding. The flow of theessay is good as both advantages and disadvantages are included. Theinclusion of more advantages than disadvantages shows the viabilityof the project. The importance of replacing human beings withartificial intelligence further gives the necessity of the study. Theauthor is also able to indicate the areas which the artificialintelligence can be suitably applied to aviation and still gives roomfor more research in other fields that the technology can fit.

However,although the essay has tried to explain most of the questions thatcan be posed to challenge the project, it failed to show how to avoidreplication of errors if an error happens at a particular stage ofthe operation of artificial intelligence applications. The AIs arelabor saving but they must be controlled by a human being. Any errorresulting from such individuals may lead to massive loss orproduction of low-quality products. The sentences are well structuredand easy to understand because they do not contain grammatical errorsbut there is mixing of ideas in different paragraphs like theapplication of robot making it kind of repetition. Even if the authorhave stated the aim of the project towards the end of the essay, thatis misplacement as the objective should appear in the first paragraphof the article.

Inorder for the author to score more marks on the essay there arevarious adjustments that are needed. First, the objective of theessay should be stated on the first paragraph in a clear manner.Secondly, the author should try to explain how the repetition oferrors will be avoided, and in case of artificial intelligenceapplication breakdown how it will be replaced with ease. The factthat artificial intelligence are labor saving does not guarantee theywill be cost effective. If the author is able to indicate how muchwill be saved on the implementation of the program, the viability ofthe program will be raised. The ability of expressing each idea onone paragraph would enable total exploration of such ideas ratherthan in separate paragraphs which appears as a repetition. Although,in the essay it is clear that more applications of AIs are underinvestigations it would be helpful to indicate artificialintelligence have limited application. Such indication woulddistinguish that the AIs cannot replace humans fully. With suchimprovements the essay would score more marks as it would leave mostof the questions answered leaving no room for much critics.