Article Review


Thispaper is a review of an article “SenatePasses Broad Bill to Combat Drug Abuse”by Jennifer Steinhauer. The article is about the recently passed billthat covers the broad drug treatment and prevention. The billdirectly affects the topic of crime and the correctional facilitiesin that it seeks to combat drug abuse, even in prison, so as toreduce the current high level of drug-related crimes in variousstates. The article narrates that the bill was passed following therecent drug crisis is believed to be contributing to more deaths inAmerica. The article cites various remarks made by some people amongthem is the executive director of National Association of AddictionTreatment Providers, Marvin Ventrell. Marvin says the step is a bigone following the recent opioids that has hit Middle America.

Inthe article, Jennifer says the bill was overwhelmingly passed (94 to1) in the Senate. The article further narrates that Senator RobPortman and Kelly Ayotte spent time in promoting the measure on thefloor after realizing that opioid-related crimes were becoming a normin the states they represent. These measures include funding programsmeant for treatment and prevention for broad spectrum addicts, eventhose in prison.

Thearticle shows a graphical representation of how the epidemic of drugoverdose deaths ripples America. The article goes on to say that thefate of the new bill is not known. It says that, even though theSenate Republicans have come around to accept state and localtreatment programs as the acceptable ground for federal support, itwill still be difficult to sway the conservative House factions. Thearticle ends with a remark by Senator Chuck Schumer who saysfighting for more allocation of money is the most important firststep.


Steinhauer, Jennifer.“SenatePasses Broad Bill to Combat Drug Abuse.” The New York Times, 10 Mar2016. Web 11 Mar 2016.