Baroque Instrumental Music and Emotions


The Baroque instrumental music is purely frompiano with no reinforcements from other musical instruments. Toexplore the emotions in the music, I selected to listen to thecomposition is Bach`s &quotLittle Fugue.&quot From the first pointof hearing it, I felt the ambience of the room change. The moodchanged immediately to calm. Suddenly, I forgot the challenges thatcome to life. I was in a zone of my own with all my challengessolved. Sometimes, instrumentals speak louder than the lyrics of asong. The birth of Baroque instrumental music was due to the factthat some people loved instrumentals more than normal songs.

The composer uses the technique of varying thetempo of the instrumental in order to kill the monotony. Unlike otherinstrumentals which use numerous instruments to create a transitionfrom one stanza to another, this particular instrumental varies thetempo from one stanza to another. The changing tempo also kept meglued to instrumental all along. It prevented me from reverting to mynormal state of mind.

The prowess of the composer is also appealingto the listener. His mastery of different keys on the piano is simplyappalling. I could feel goose bumps all over my skin as the composerjuggled through the keys. Such prowess is hard to come by especiallyin the modern world where composers are only interested in makingmoney but not making quality music. The composer also brags a littleby showcasing how good he is at playing different tempos using thesame keys.

In conclusion, the composer achieves hisintention of creating an emotion of calm in the listener by varyingthe tempo, and juggling through the keys with amazing prowess. Thecomposer is excellent in this composition.