Brand Inbound and Content Marketing


BrandInbound and Content Marketing

BrandInbound and Content Marketing

Uniqlobrand could use inbound and content marketing by utilizing a numberof innovative ideas. First, the Uniqlo company brand could employ thetechnique of content creation as well as distribution. This isthrough creating Uniqlo’s specifically designed content that isable to appeal to the target customers. In this regard, Uniqlo brandis bound to attract more customers who keep coming back for more.

Secondly,the Uniqlo Company could develop life cycle marketing that isdesigned to create specific targeted prospects of the basic customerquestions as well as inquiries. This method is ideal for sharing theUniqlo brand far and wide, hence accessing wide prospective customerbase.

Inaddition, Uniqlo could also personalize its contents to the basiccustomer wants and needs. This is an ideal inbound strategy thatensures that customer needs and wants are addressed to specificcustomers who view that specific content. However, this strategy is agradual process as marketers have to learn their customers’overtime so as to better understand their specific needs (Act On,2016). In addition, Uniqlo brand could be inbounded through multichanneling methods where the brand reaches the target market where itis specifically situated as well as in the specific channel of theirchoice.

Moreover,Uniqlo Company could also employ inbound and content marketingthrough integration techniques. In this technique, publishing,analytic tools and content creation work together for the purposes ofthe Uniqlo company brand to focus to the right content, the righttime and in the right place.


Oneaudience personal is a young lady who is warming up to the moderntrends of consuming. This is the representation of the fictionalcharacter, fictionally named Liz. Liz is a young lady who is seekingthe newest trendsin clothing and fashion.


Uniqlobeing a fashion company, the best audience would be the young people,who have a taste of new fashion trends. Uniqlo is good in bringingthe best fashions and clothing products (Uniqlo, 2016). The type ofcontent that would motivate such young consumers is the current andinformative content. The young people like Liz above need freshcontent that is relevant to them. They mostly consume entertainmentcontent and information relating to the issues of music and the showbiz industry.


Uniqlouses blogging as part of their marketing. However, the company hasnot fully exploited the potential of blogging as a way of achievingthe online marketing goals. As a result, the company is not even asfar as blogging is considered. In relation to the persona, Liz above,the type of blogging topics would be New Fashion Trends, BetterClothing Tastes, Beauty Trends, Entertainment news and any othertopic that relates to fashion.


Emailmarketing is significant method of advising the Uniqlo brand becauseit presents better opportunities for the company in general bydriving better returns on investments. This is because emailmarketing is ideal method of creating deeper relationships byreaching a wide audience at a cheaper cost than the traditional mediamethods. There are a number of good companies that offer emailmarketing solutions. To use email marketing, Uniqlo could usecompanies like Mail Chimp.

MailChimp Ad (Mail Chimp, 2016)

Metricsand Reporting

Forthe best response from clients, Uniqlo should show the clients thereasons why they should take time and learn or consider the contentthat the company offers. This will be bait for the company to get theattention of the customers, and drive them gradually to prefer theirbrands. In addition, another main metrics would be the quality of thefashion and clothing information provided by the fir. Finally, theother metric would be the number of clicks that the customers willmake while reading the content.


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