Business Venture in e-Commerce and Intelligent Systems

Business Venturein e-Commerce and Intelligent Systems



For big data and knowledge management, their goal is to be in abatter position in business to integrate critical information basedon multiple perspectives to offer ideas and insights for sound andcrucial decision-making (Bressler &amp Grantham, 2000).

The wireless, mobile commerce and mobile computing in e-commerceindustry are concepts that are involved in buying and selling ofproducts with the use of technology. Wireless network, for example,cuts across both the m-commerce and mobile computing in the sensethat it offers flexibility in handling and accessing the Internetwithout having to move to a place with plug-ins (Bressler &ampGrantham, 2000). In the e-commerce industry, such concepts arerampant.

Social computing is a concept concerned with a thin line betweensocial behaviors and computational systems. The concept is based onthe recreation of social contexts and conventions through softwareand technology application.

Cloud computing refers to the practice of network application withremote servers that are hosted on the Inter-webs and Internet tokeep, manage, and available process data, rather than a personalcomputer or local server (Laudon &amp Traver, 2002). In e-commerce,cloud computing enables available networks and share the envisionedefforts on management rapidly.

Business analytics and business intelligence solutions are conceptsdescribed as set tools and techniques for acquiring and transformingraw data for purposes of useful and meaningful business analysis(Rosen, 2000). Business analytics also touches on identifying newways of discovering new ways to plan and strategize on data and cloudvisualization.

Case Synthesis

Harrison Kirby`s business, Glades Links Golf Course, is a perfectexample of an intelligent search and responsive catalogs golfbusiness, within the e-commerce industry. Kirby`s businessdistinguishes itself as a premier go-to golf course in the industry.The business largely operates in the physical world however, withthe technological advancement, the business marketing modality hasshifted and created a strong virtual presence, online.

The business has expanded its strategy to incorporate theever-growing social media and e-commerce aspects. Kirby`s businessdoes connect with the e-commerce industry by making large amounts ofproduct data for the potential customers to peruse thoroughly. Thebusiness creates product selector with every use profile associatedwith custom roles (Laudon &amp Traver, 2002). What the business doesis that it provides useful manuals that perfect the art of offeringexceptional experiences to its clientele.

In this kind of current business organization, the main role thatInformation Technology plays for Harrison Kirby`s business is that itfirst has introduced an online presence, which brings the productssold on-site by offering an online storefront, while keeping itsphysical presence, thus allowing both the in-store presence andglobal delivery. IT application to Harrison Kirby`s business has ledto the staff understanding the hesitation that is experienced duringmodernization period. This is because increased hesitation level isas a result of lack of less understanding of how to apply thesesystems, technologies, and functional strategies (Bressler &ampGrantham, 2000). What IT does to Kirby`s business is that it allowsthe staff to understand better the proposed e-commerce strategy.

Competing company: Harrison Kirby`s major competitor is theHollywood Beach Golf Resort. The company identifies itself as theEco-Golf Club. It has attracted and kept an array of customers.Careful analysis of the company over their e-commerce approachstrategy was carried out, and was noted for their success is largelybased on their online presence. The following key success strategiesshow how the competing company applies IT in their operations.

  • The company has maintained a consistent online presence.

  • Establishment of online storefront allowing customers to have their golf packages personalized merchandise and memberships with convenience.

  • Using IT to understand how the Internet is archived to allow customers to interact with social media.


For Kirby`s business, the security issues, which should be addressedas part of the process of technology selection, include valuable dataand information assets about the business. Kirby`s business shouldaddress the issues of data. The value of business is based on thedata. By protecting the relevant data, the technology selectionprocess will ensure the business`s confidentiality, availability, andintegrity is upheld. These issues include data risks, corporatesecrets, and financial issues.

I would address these information security issues that face Kirby`sbusiness, as part of the technology selection process, by designingkey components that make up a good security program. I would handlethese information technology issues by coming up with a riskassessment, which will identify and assess technology risks to thesecurity of the business in a cost-effective way. Again, I wouldaddress these information technology issues by implementing setpolicies and procedures. This implementation will create securityawareness, which ensures all the business employees will be able toimplement IT-specific policies and policies.

Findings andRecommendations

As the technical liaison for Harrison Kirby and his business,critical information will be required for him to make criticaldecisions on improving the use of technology on the businesspractices. First, after the findings, one of the critical informationI would recommend for him is to nurture a healthy relationshipbetween his employees and the customers. This critical information onhaving better relationships will determine the kind of data Kirbymight give out, and the type of provisions he will have in hiscontracts to protect the business data. The basis for this is that itis often overlooked since it is an aspect of data with a lot ofinteraction (Wang et al., 2006). Kirby will have to take drasticmeasures, for example, evaluating the employees` ability to protectthe business` crucial data.

Again, Kirby should focus on the business` overall e-commercesolution that will ensure the team should not only understand theperceived needs of the e-commerce industry. Kirby should use thee-commerce technology to by ensuring that every business employeeknows his or her responsibilities regarding issues of security andother programs (Wang et al., 2006). Kirby should ensure that even forthose with little knowledge about computers, they should be involvedconsidering they will be victims of socio-engineering attacks. Theseattacks are designed to influence the physical and business security.

Technology Concept

Product/Service Name


Solution Type


Use Case/Value Statement

Mobile web optimization

Social computing



Data deciphering

Social engagements and advertisement

20GB free


Due the minimum storage space, Kirby should consider having a more preferable data storage solution since this product will result in huge losses.

Kirby should consider social computing for his business engagement with potential customers

Fig1: Matrix of Technical Options

Company Name

Product Information

Customer Reviews

Related Product Information

Purchase Information

Combination Purchase

Glades Links Golf Course Company

The company’s website offers detailed description about the main product being better Golfing experiences to its customers.

Yes – the website also has a total of eight reviews with 4 of them credited with five stars, two with 4 stars, and other two with 2 stars. This website also has a link to Google reviews

The website has related product information, for example, information about weddings, dining services, and conferences.

On purchase information, the website does no clearly specify about the purchase navigation links apart from having “become a VIP” section, which allows interested individuals to fill the sections with information to access VIP rewards.

Regarding items “purchased together,” the website does not show them apart from showing “member login” details and a customer case telephone number.

Fig2: Kirby’s Company Information


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