Entrepreneursinvest in businesses with the aim of meeting the customer’s demandswhich would consequently result in profit making. To succeed as abusiness person or people, you have to consider many factors thatwould determine why you had to take the risk. The focus of thebusiness to stay within the market competitively is well described bythe visions, the missions and the character of the stake holders as awhole bouquet. Success is all that makes a firm thrive in the modestbusiness world and thus, many organization that fail is due to lackof achievements and continued failure without meeting the goals.

Visionsare based on the predictions and projections of the entrepreneurs.Wrong predictions in terms the basic business growth factors such asavailability market competition and customer satisfaction would sinkany business person to losses. Foreseeing the kind of accomplishmentsyou want to achieve and the reason for starting your businessrepresents your business’s vision. This articulation of the rightfuture of the business challenges the need for good leadership fromthose who get the executive posts. Operating in the dark without agood plan is the downfall for many corporations. Many businesses arebrought down by the lack of visualizations for the future outlook oftheir business.

Purposingyour business into a specific direction of achievement is the verykey to success. Mission are set by the corporation’s top managementand executive community which involves the directors and thestakeholders. Assigning your firm the tasks for its set up helps toensure that the employees stay focused on ensuring they achieve themissions of the organization. This would always work as benchmarkingpoints to check on the progress of the company and gauge itsdirections as either positive or negative.

Stakeholdersplay a big role in any business. They are the source of capital forthe survival of the business. In most cases stakeholders do notmanage but they oversee any step the business has to take. They playa major role in the firm’s life by ensuring that all the requiredresources are available at the required time and in the rightquantity and quality. Lack of focus on stakeholders may result infailure of the business. Decision made by this people may be fruitfulor suicidal to the business. They are obliged to identify a goodrapport with their employees to ensure they get the best of theirservices. Investors are thus, at the heart of the business and anydeviation from them is directly impacted to the business. In cases ofa business partnership, they stakeholders have to stay togetherbecause pulling out means throwing the business in the trash.

Environmentand business

Thestart, growth, and survival of any business in the market face verymany factors that any entrepreneur focuses on to triumph and remainstronger in the business world. Externally there are forces thatfight against your business as you try for a fight the internalproblems. These external elements include the following:


Thepopulation of any given market place would affect the production yourcorporation. Customers for products and services would come from thesurrounding the people. Lack of demand would mean a reduction inproduction and therefore, less income. This draws back to the visionsthat were set at the start of the business. Many firms fail becausethey invest more capital whereas the market demand is lower andcontinued losses shut down the firm. The market survey should beconducted before starting a business in any location to determine thepopulation and the tastes and preferences of the target population.Microsoft is well established, and its services are much required byboth the developed still developing nations.


SuccessfulCorporations such the Microsoft Company are universally identifiedand competitive. Beating the world market is the biggest breakthroughan investor would dream of. For an organization to become wellestablished, then it should ensure that it develops new brancheswithin the globe. This has impacted on the profit margins receivedand increased the target population. This company should target thisaccomplishment by ensuring many nations are sensitized about itsservices and products and that they are also available. Thiscorporation has set at least a supporting branch in each nationglobally to facilitate service delivery.


Defeatingyour competitors require a faster response to changes that meet thecustomer’s need in good time. Technological advancement is alwayson the move and many new methods to solve and improve production aremade available. Adoption of these methods ensures that your companyis much far by your competitors to the delivery of services andproduction methods to meet the market demands. Failure to do so wouldsee your customers run away to your competitors and thus a failure inthe business world. Assimilation of newest technologies has seen thiscorporation conquer the software market.


Anybusiness must respect the social virtues of the surroundingpopulation. Providing goods and services that are complementary tothe demand of the population is key to the survival of thecorporation. Upholding the cultural norms of the people around yourcorporation also affects the growth your firm. The firm has toappreciate the society by involving in positive activities suchcharity activities and communal work. This would win the heart ofmany customers and more labor resources.

Legaland political qualification.

Everynation has set laws regulations that guide business entities withinits boundaries. Consequently, any business enterprise in the statesmust set legal guidelines that coincide with the national policies.Such examples are compensation systems and wage and salary structuresfor its employee must meet the national strategies. This ensures thatthe enterprise operates well, and its employees work hard to achievethe set goals.


Anyfirm needs enough resources to meet the market demands. Economicallystable industries are mostly found in the stable nations. Mostdeveloping nations experience a lower Gross Domestic Product comparedto developed countries, and this gives the industries an ability toperform well. Investors need to identify the economic state of anation before investing there because you might incur bigger losses.Meeting the right economic stand for the growth of any firm isparamount, and no entrepreneur should ignore. Economic stabilitypronounces good revenues for the company and makes it a worthinvestment.

Competitionand its origin

Customerswould always enjoy competition in any market situation. This hascontinuously generated demand for goods and services. Monopoly in anymarket has had precarious effects on the customers such as pricefluctuations and exploitations by the entrepreneur. It has had morepros than cons which are all directed to the consumers majorly, suchinfrastructural improvement, client confidence, and differentiation.Competition is not only external but also, it can occur within theenterprises among the workers and also among the consumers. Strugglefor customers has been as a result of several factors mentionedbelow:

Policiesand laws.

Policiesare developed to ensure there is always competition among thecorporations. This is for offsetting monopolistic enterprises.Tariffs are put in a measure to ensure competition do not ruin themarket stability. These laws are developed by the domestic bodiesthat are responsible for economic control of the given state.

Collusionin product production.

Incases where companies produce the same commodity, they struggle toensure their brand is sold more than the other. This cultivatesrivalry between these companies and a result the laws have been setto regulate production and product branding.

Predatorycommodity pricing

Somecompanies reduce prices for their good and services. Consequently,other production firms of the same products suffer on the marketgetting customers for their output. This affects most companies andeven cause a shutdown of an enterprise. The perpetrators have to faceserious punitive act for such behaviors, but sometimes they may evadeand continue with their malicious businesses.

Restrictivetrading treaties.

Agreementsmade by the state may not meet the right supply for the product andservices regarding quantity and quality, and therefore, many firmscome up to generate similar products that create strife late on inthe market. These agreements block some of the organizations fromconducting businesses with the external market. This put the effortsof many investors in Vail.

Manipulationof the laws due to power.

Individualsin most top crowns in the state corporations go against the laws bydeveloping or starting a similar business with those available in themarket. They escape the wrath of the law due to their authority andthus, other investors face competition from their firms. Fighting thepeople who make laws for us is suicidal, and many corporations faildue to this bad habits of our leaders.

Externalsetting opportunities and related threats.

Asan entrepreneurial entity scanning for privileges regarding securingmarket and search for best technical labor and other resources isvery vital. This has to be frequently done to ensure you firms isbetter than your rivals. Failure to secure market chances meansgiving soave for your rivals to get over you. Secondly, the output isdirectly proportional to the efforts and attitudes of your employees.Seeking services of such great employee by your firm is very crucialto achieving your set objectives in the long run. When your enemiesget such people they will triumph over you so, do not give chances tosuch opportunities. Many investors are would always turn up forpartnerships in the business world. As a good firm, you welcome suchpeople to ensure your revenues grow by pumping in more resources fromthe capital they source.

Competitionis a very big problem many companies faces but an entrepreneur has tofocus on how best he can be preferred to his rivals regarding servicedelivery and goods production. An institution that cannot meetcompetition within the market is doomed to die. Infrastructuraldevelopment, technological improvements, branding techniques andmarketing strategies make this corporation better that its rivals.

Internalatmosphere about breakthroughs

Manybusinesses thrive on its workers’ efforts and sacrifices towardsachieving the aims set in the visions and missions. The internalrelationship between the management and the employees is criticalwhen it comes to output. Good managers who understand his worker andgives a hand where the need arises manages to hit many goals in thefirm. The rapport is created by participation and correction of theemployees whenever they make mistakes.

Theremuneration of employees is the cornerstone of successful firms.Appreciating the work done by wages and salaries to the employees inagreed time and the amounts made them feel motivated and rejuvenatedto work hard. Motivation can also be accomplished by other methodssuch as giving gifts, appraisals, team building events and givingresting leave to workers. This helps workers recover energy and goodhealth to give good services to this firm. Delayed payments and lowemployee remuneration plans are a weak point for any enterprise. Thisput any firm in a less competitive position to its rivals andhenceforth, failure turns in. This company ensures the employees gettheir salaries before the third of every month to avoid ininconveniences.

Equalityand policy regulation must be observed within the businessorganization to facilitate a good working and output system. Theemployees are sensitized to their rights and responsibilities, andtherefore, any breach makes them irresponsible, and this can cost thefirm. Establishment of good policy systems such as the compensationstrategy and employee welfare systems makes the employees appreciatewhat the organization does for them, and they reciprocate this byproviding good services to your enterprise. A good businessenterprise meet all these properties for a co-existing and stableproduction. Establishment of the required plans has seen this companytriumph its enemies.


Anybusiness can be evaluated by its operational approaches that it haseffected in place. Most cases, strategies are always directed towardsmeans of ensuring the business achieves its targets. There existsthree level of strategies in business. Manufacturing approaches areone pf the plans put in place by corporations. This corporation hasensured all its electronic devices and software products are producedin time, the required quantity and the best quality to satisfy theconsumer. The products of Microsoft company are unique and do notadopt other products from its competitors.

Marketingstrategy is the second method of ensuring your company accomplishesits goals. This can be met through demand satisfaction regardingamount and excellence. For instance, this corporation makes itsproduct prices substantial for all its consumers. The branding of thesoftware such Microsoft Windows 10 makes the consumer feel attractedto this product.

Acquisitionapproach is another way of capitalizing on the rival challenges towin the market. Those companies that become unstable in the marketdecides to sell off everything to the most stable corporations in themarket. This makes firms even stronger in the market. For example,Microsoft has acquired more than a hundred companies since its firstacquisition such the British SwiftKey, Xamarin, Skype and eBay amongothers.

Successfulstrategic plans are complementary to good corporate governance.Making the right and positive decisions for any business relies onthe capacity of its leaders to critically analyze situations andtheir decision making. Corrupt leaders destabilize the business andtherefore, choosing the best managers and directors has seen manycompanies become successful. Steve Jobs, the founder of Microsoft,has employed many qualified executives that oversee the company’sbusinesses, and they are the reasons for big success.

Theplans set by the business guides it to know the kind management toemploy to make sure profit margins are big. In most firms, anorganization of business activities of the respective company isalways developed regarding its strategic plans. This company has hada major impact on the lives of people around the world in termstechnological development and job creation and economic growth ofmany nations and thus more is still to come.


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