Care Plan for Emergency Nursing


After the emergency department called and confirmed that the firstbus from the scene of the accident is 20 minutes away, the best careplan should first involve informing the patient management team. Theyshould be ready to receive the ten patients and then take them to thefive examination rooms. The receptionist should assist in directingthe nurses carrying the patient on the stretchers to the examinationrooms. The patient management team should wear the face masks andgloves and most importantly follow the normal procedures foremergency care (Jones,Endacott &amp Crouch, 2003).

Since I need to listen to the patients’ heart, intestines andveins, I will get ready with a stethoscope. I will also get a bookfor listing down the common medicines for patients under emergencycare such as painkillers. I will also need supplies of bandagescissors for cutting the dressings, medical gauze and bandages(Jones,Endacott &amp Crouch, 2003). The medical assistantsshould get me the hand sanitizers and lotion ready for washing andwiping my hands during the examination of the patients. The twomedical assistants will also help in taking the patients to thetreatment room.

The order in which the patients will be treated is as follows

  1. 3-year-old child with a laceration on the head because probably he is experiencing severe pain or has lost consciousness

  2. The 10-year-old patient with a skinned knee and feeling severe pain will be examined and treated.

  3. 23-year-old with laceration of the eyelid will be examined by checking any inflammation to the eye due to injury

  4. 92-year-old with a laceration on the right leg

  5. 32-year-old with ankle pain- examine the possible fractures

  6. 16-year-old with wrist pain

  7. 47-year-old with an uncomplicated laceration on the hand that requires interventions

  8. 63-year-old with back pain

  9. 62-year-old who is vomiting

  10. 55-year-old with non-identified abdominal pain (Jones, Endacott &amp Crouch, 2003).


Jones, G. J.,Endacott, R., &amp Crouch, R. (2003).&nbspEmergencynursing care: Principles and practice.London: Greenwich Medical Media.