Individuals possess different skills andinterests. When determining a career path, it is essential for peopleto identify the available jobs in the labor industry and identify acareer that allows them to achieve their personal goals as well asone that matches with their qualifications. Many individuals tend tobe uncertain of the occupation they want to pursue because of factorssuch as the minimum requirements, the range of salary offered, amongother factors. There are many careers in finance, but one must havethe desired skills so that they can be successful while serving inthe financial position. The paper seeks to describe two careeroptions and explain the value of each post to a company. It shallalso describe the essential skills of the defined areas and thenrecommend one of the career options based on its most attractivefeatures of the area.

Some of the occupations that an individual canpursue in the financial industry include financial analyst and realestate appraisers and assessors. A financial analyst works in thefinancial department where they perform all activities regarding thefunds of the company as well as the macroeconomic and microeconomicconditions (Brigham &amp Houston, 2013). A financial analyst addsvalue to an organization by performing vital roles andresponsibilities such as identifying the worth of a firm andexplaining to the senior management how it is likely to play infuture. He/she is also involved in analyzing financial informationsuch as financial records and reports that allow them to forecast theinfluence of the business activities that the company is planning toundertake. Therefore, they guide the management in making investmentdecisions by providing accurate and reliable financial informationthat recommend the appropriate course of actions to be undertaken. Afinancial analyst is also valuable because they analyze businesstrends and guide the company’s management on the measures to taketo increase the profitability of the enterprise, minimize losses, andcontrol the corporation’s expenditure based on the analyzedfinancial information.

Appraiser and assessor of real estate is alsoanother career option. Their job description involves determining theestimated value of land, buildings and property on land, before beingsold, developed, mortgaged, taxed or insured. Real estate appraisersand assessors are valuable to a company because they areknowledgeable and familiar with any concerns or environmental issueswithin their work areas that allow them to detect factors that mayaffect a property’s value. They are also valuable because whileworking, they may take pictures of the properties, which may behelpful in future in case of any disagreements (Ferguson Publishing,2009). Besides, the records of the researches and methods used inproperty evaluation allow the appraisers and assessors to advise thecompany on any trends or changes that may be occurring within thereal estate industry.

A financial analyst needs to possess essentialskills such as critical thinking that enable them to guide themanagement in their investment decisions. They also need to havestrong oral and written communication skills that allow them toprepare financial reports and communicate their findings to thecompany’s senior management. In some organizations, a financialanalyst is a senior position, hence, one need to have strongorganizational and managerial skills that enable them to performtheir duties. Besides, they are required to be hard working and haveadequate knowledge concerning Finance, Accounting, Economics andMathematics. On the other hand, a real estate appraiser and assessorneed to have strong analytical and research skills to analyzeproperty. They also need to be highly flexible individuals becausethey may be required to extend their working hours frequently and beattentive to detail. A real estate assessor and appraiser interactdirectly with their clients. Therefore, to be successful, they needto have customer service skills that ensure they present a real imageof themselves and their companies. Besides, they should displaytime-management skills so that they do not delay in meeting theircustomers during property evaluation. Problem-solving skills are alsoessential for a real estate assessor and appraiser since they arelikely to interact with clients who are in conflict over propertyownership and land.

Financial analyst and property assessors andappraisers are significant career opportunities that one can pursuein the financial industry. However, I would recommend anyone who isinterested in pursuing a career in finance to consider being afinancial analyst. Although the minimum education level for bothcareers is a bachelor’s degree, a financial analyst is a moreattractive occupation because it has a higher salary range. Accordingto the bureau of labor statistics, (2015), the minimum wage for anappraiser and assessor of real estate is $52,570 while that of afinancial analyst is $78,620. Besides the financial rewards, theprofessions allow one to advance their career by acquiring a master’sdegree, transform from being a junior analyst to a senior analyst andeventually become a financial manager. Therefore, a financial analystis the best occupation for an individual seeking to pursue a careerin the field of finance.


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