Caring for Populations Milestone1 Community Windshield Survey Form

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Caringfor Populations: Milestone1: Community Windshield Survey Form

Directions: Please refer tothe Milestone 1: Community Windshield Survey Guidelines and gradingrubric for specific instructions in order to complete the informationbelow. This assignment is worth 150 points.

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1. Introduction of Community (20 points)

Identify the city and state of your community and briefly describe the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting but must include a residential area. Demographic data are not needed.

I live in spring valley, New York. I am a Scottish. The Scottish were the people who settled in spring valley first, giving the place a very unique history. Spring valley is a place known for having the markings of an urban-dweller’s college town. The infrastructure of the area is just perfect .there is a NJ Transit Train that makes all the areas to be well connected. Due to this factor spring valley has become ideal for commuters, students and anyone who prefers using the public transportation.

Spring valley was initially called Scotland, due to the many Scottish people who inhabited the area, but the name was later changed and everyone enjoys the place being called spring valley. There is also a high population of Jews in the area and due to this there was the establishment of the Holocaust Museum and a study center in our town.

2. Windshield Survey (100 points)

a. Vitality: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the community vitality.

Principles were set and brought to the United Nations Declaration concerning the right of the Indigenous People in the united states. The Scottish Americans and natives in spring valley now have a way of addressing the storytelling and derogatory myth at the center of the American history. The government of the united states, have an affirmative duty to stop any form of propaganda aimed at promoting ethnic or racial discrimination directed towards the indigenous people. The government has made some deliberate efforts towards providing the Scottish studies in the university campuses, this enables students to have an opportunity to basic knowledge literature, history and the legal relations of the American Scottish in the united states.

b. Indicators of social and economic conditions: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social and economic conditions.

The economic conditions of the people in spring valley is favourable.the people in this region have secured a stable income generating job and a good percentage are into business.

The people who have rental flats and apartment are also doing great, this is because of the high number of students in the region and who are always in search of accommodation. The well maintained infrastructure has opened up the place for development and investment by local and investors from other parts of the country.

c. Health Resources: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the health resources.

Spring valley has a childcare resource. They have a role to play in promoting enhancing and supporting the healthy development of all the children in the following ways.

• Provision of and referral services for families in need of quality healthcare services.

• Offering support, training and resources to the education workforce and early care.

• Advocating for improvement in the health service sectors from their leaders by asking for equipment and drugs to be provided to them.

d. Environmental conditions related to health: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the environmental conditions.

Some years ago the region did not have effective and efficient garbage control measures and systems. The management of the region decided to have the garbage taken by trucks for disposal. The trucks lead to a lot of traffic and emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere .the gasses endangered the health of the residents of that area.

The government was seemed to be controlling one health issue but intern also created another.

e. Social functioning: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social functioning.

The Scottish and the Jewish university students usually hold some charity events. They face a lot of challenges in accomplishing this due to the anti-Israel activists. Most of the times they are forced to change their original venues.

All these challenges does not kill their spirit and desire to bond and come together as students. The students come together to share and exchange ideas and also to make fun .these activities greatly creates friendship and create an ample time for peace and solidarity to presume.

f. Attitude toward healthcare: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the attitudes toward healthcare.

The Scottish Americans are very positive about the healthcare times the services might not be sufficient, but the federal government tries its level best to sustain the situation. The health care services are of great benefit to the old, women, children and the disabled.

The Scottish American are every grateful for the services offered ,since life has become easier due to some other health care related programs aimed at helping them being introduced .

3. Conclusion: (20 pts)

Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion. What problems did you identify?

Though I had an easy task in conducting the survey, since it is my home city, the conditions have greatly is a good idea for everyone to feel part of the society at all cost.

I still feel that the government should try and ensure that the students are not intimidated by groups of people such as the anti-Israel activists, since everyone has rights, just like the others.

4. References:

Optional: List in APA format any references that you used. If you include any references here, you must also include an in-text citation (author, year).

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