Case study Cannon Associates


The major problem in the company

In this case, older sale representatives arecomplaining that the newer ones are not taking direction correctly.This displays poor communication in the company. Similarly, the newsales representatives are complaining that the older reps arecondescending to them any time they try to consult them. According tonewer salespersons, the veterans do not appear to trust theirknowledge, and they believe they know nothing, but once they dothings perfectly, they earn the glory. The problem is caused by lackof communication on roles and responsibility for the salesperson,both veterans and new (Tanner &ampErffmeyer, 2009). Defining the role foreach will help to create a sense of respect hence harmony in theworkplace. This will further eliminate the competition witnessed inthe company hence creating teamwork.

Reason for each group feeling the way it isfeeling

The veterans could be having negative attitudetowards newer sales person because they believe they will soonreplace them or even earn promotion to become their senior, an ideathey are not comfortable with it. Lack of reward for training newersalesperson could as well be a possible reason. Lack of employees’recognition could be the key cause of the problem.

The alternative that will solve major problemhere, which can be eliminated through proper communication.

The organisation should organize regularmeetings to address the issue of lack of trust and communication. Theseniors prefer working alone while junior wants moreresponsibilities, teamwork-building meetings will solve this problem.The regular meeting will create teamwork and sense of belonging.

The best plans that Rick James can give thecannon associates owner

The Rick should come up with the model ofcommunication that will be used by company in future to eliminatemistrust and relay information on time to create teamwork in theenterprise hence high efficiency and coordination.


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