Causes and Effect of Divorce

Causesand Effect of Divorce

Fromearlier generations to the current generations, persons had beenwilling and determined to live together in a union called marriage.However, various couples are incapable of sustaining theirassociation thus, they opt to divorce, which is among the answers tohandle complications among husbands and wives. Although majorityreason sensibly prior getting to marriage, the number of divorcesappear to rise these days consistently. Hence it might be said thatdivorces occur more easily than before. There are three keyfoundations of divorce: shifting woman’s duties, pressure incurrent living and improper communication as discussed below(Amos,Green and Hampton, 345).

Thefirst important reason for the rising number of divorce is that womenare totally altering duties. Earlier men were the only breadwinnersfor their families while their wives concentrated on home choresthereby relying fully on their husbands’ incomes. Due to thisreliance women could hardly divorce their husbands. Today thesituations have completely changed with the call for the equalitybetween the two genders. Women can now do jobs for a living while menassist household chores like cooking. This is a clear indication thatit is not a must for a woman to rely on to a man to meet the cost ofliving. There has been the rise of miss independent womenaccelerating the divorce rates (Amos et al., 145).

Thecurrent living is a cause of pressure for the majority of thepopulation. Rarely people earn enough money to live at the statusthey would wish. The presence of children also heightens the stressamong peoples as they should cater for all their needs. Inability tokeep the children at a standard of living one would wish heightensstress. Inability to provide for the family to some people can onlybe solved through a divorce. Also, with the current high rate ofunemployment, it is easier to encounter more divorces. It is clearstress in the current world may cause the rising rate of divorces(Amos et al., 204).

Risingrates of divorces may also be attributed to improper communication.The current financial constraint among the married peoples rendersthem busy most of the time. In case of misunderstanding among thebusy couple, they may lack time to sort out their differences therebyleading to a divorce. Some partners opt to keep quiet even if thereis a problem heightening it to level it cannot be solved resulting ina divorce. With proper communication, some of the divorces happeningcan be avoided.

Although,there are three causes of stress there are just two effects of it asdiscussed below. Most effects of divorce are negative. When a couplewith children separates the most effect goes to kids. Kids who arebeing parented by single parents are faced by various challenges likeearly pregnancies, drug abuse and have violently expressive andcharacter challenges, which result to interaction difficulties. Somekids opt to escape from their home when the parents’ divorcethereby becoming homeless. As a result, this leads to reducedopportunities for jobs to them due to low education. Therefore,law-breaking may be the probable outcome (Amos et al., 198).

Conversely,the following effects of increase in many divorces are positiveresults. Persons, who divorce by agreement from their spouses areusually urged by the desire for improved life as they are notcontented in marriages. Consequently, they can concentrate onwhatever they do as they have conducive state of mind. The reducedconstant disturbances from their spouses also increases the time forfruitful works rather constant quarrels. The reduced quarrels betweenthe spouses lead to mental health, especially to children.

Afamily plays a pivotal role in society, thereby increasing thenecessity for the awareness of the importance of stable families.Currently, divorce has become the huge challenge due to alteringwomen’s duties, pressure in current living and impropercommunication. Nonetheless, there are also two diverse effects,negative and positive. Various childless couples divorce byagreement, hence divorce should be the worthy answer for couples totackle the challenge. Alternatively, some couples with kids should beconsiderable before deciding to terminate their marriages through adivorce as this would impact the innocent kids. Though people appearto be considerate prior getting into marriage, the number of divorcesis still on the rise (Amos et al., 34).


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