Center for Medicare and Medical Services


Whatthe Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services ROS guide is about.

The Evaluation and Management Services Guide is all explainingcertain aspects of Medicare Program that ranges from Medical recorddocumentation, evaluation, and management and billing consideration.All these elements provide both medical practitioner, physician,medical assistants, and other nursing staff within a clinic withinformation about the general guidelines and principles, evaluation,and standard set of nursing codes, which aims at providing patientswith quality care and is necessary for medical providers to receiveaccurate and timely medical necessity and appropriate diagnostics.

Howhelpful it would be for the physician`s, medical assistants and otherstaff in the clinic to read.

Reading the guide will provide both doctors, medical assistants, andother nursing personnel in hospital, first, with knowledge of medicalrecord documentation that will assist them to keep a clear andconcise medical record, which help them in evaluating and planningthe patient’s immediate treatment and monitoring the patient’shealth care from time to time. In addition, documentation providesaccurate and timely claims review and payment. Secondly, the guidecontains information on the assessment of risk when selectingdiagnostic procedures and options based on the risk during and afterfollowing any treatment procedure (Medical Learning Network, 2014).Finally, the guide provides provide information on how to identifythe patients progress, responses to changes in treatment, andrevision of diagnostics whenever required to increase the qualitycare.

Howit may be beneficial for the patient has to read as well.

The guide is useful for the patient to understand because thehistorical documentation of record provides the patient withhistorical medical examination records that includes medicalprescriptions and other treatment guidelines prescribed for aparticular disease. This will remind them of medical check-ups andfollow medical prescription appropriately.


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