Challenges of preventing school violence



Considering the prevalence of violence and bullying in many schoolsacross America, there are measures being taken to deal with thevices. However, the schools face numerous challenges while dealingwith these vices (Twemlow &amp Sacco, 2012). This paper seeks toaddress the challenges that the school management faces in dealingwith the vices. Additionally, the paper discusses the strategies thatthe schools are using to address these challenges.

School violence and bullying are common in most American schools.There have been numerous challenges by the school authorities toreduce or eliminate this violence and bullying incidents. Schoolsare, however, facing immense challenges while trying to deal withthese issues. The availability of guns have resulted or contributedimmensely to violence in schools (Daniels &amp Bradley, 2011). Theneighborhoods from which students come from are also rife withviolence and crime and therefore the students are used to crime. Lackof uniforms in schools has also proofed to be another challenge sinceteachers can hardly identify the bullies and or students perpetratingviolence in schools.

There are some strategies that are being taken to deal with thechallenge of school violence and bullying. Most American schools arehaving a requirement for students to wear uniforms so that they caneasily identify students from strangers. Additionally, there are someschools which are having zero tolerance to guns in school. This hasgreatly reduced violence in schools. It is also essential to statethat most schools are cooperating with the community in order to dealwith the issue of violence (Miller, 2014). This might be throughcounseling sessions and also through law enforcement officers.Counseling sessions can be organized with the church leaders from thecommunity, as well as counselors from the community.


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