JANICE is a stay at home mother of two, son and daughter, mid 30s.

HAKEEM is a lawyer, hardworking, mostly spends time at work, mid 30s


JANICE and HAKEEM’s home, Sunday daytime


Hakeem enters the house carrying a bottle of wine and a dressproperly wrapped. The children are away at their grandparents. Hakeemis happy to have some time alone with Janice. He wants to surpriseher with the dress, hoping he can make up for his busy work schedule.Janice is in the kitchen preparing lunch.

HAKEEM: (Sniffing). Something smells so good in here. Honey!Where are you? I am back.

JANICE: I am in the kitchen dear, preparing something for us. So gladyou came back on time.

HAKEEM: Oh! That is so sweet of you. That is why I love you so much.

JANICE: Really, is it because I cook for you?

HAKEEM: No-no honey. (He places the wine and dress on the tableand heads to the kitchen) I just love you so much because youalways know how to make me happy. The little things you do and today,I am so happy that we can spend time alone.

JANICE: Me too. It has been so long since we had time to be alone,and you know at times I really get bored staying here all day.

HAKEEM: (In the kitchen now) But, with the children and allhousework you barely have time to rest.

JANICE: Yes silly, (looking at HAKEEM) the children go toschool in the morning and I barely have a lot of work to do once theyare gone.

HAKEEM: Oh! How come I have never thought of what you do with allthat time? What do you really do when I am gone?

JANICE: (Laughs suggestively) I…I…I watch television,movies and at times BEN visits.

HAKEEM: BEN (Looks surprised)

JANICE: (Remains silent for a while) Yes BEN our next doorneighbor. He is not working at the moment. He comes by and we spendtime but, nothing much really.

HAKEEM: I do not like what I am hearing. How comes you have nevertold me about that?

JANICE: Come on honey. It is nothing important and that is why I didnot think of telling you. (Moves over to HAKEEM and tries to kisshim)

HAKEEM: (Pushes her away) Why would you have another man in myhouse and think that it is not important to tell me?

JANICE: Oh no! I hope you are not…

HAKEEM: Not what? I really want to know why BEN would even think ofcoming here when I am not around and you even spend time watchingtelevision (chuckles). You two must be spending a lot of timetogether.

JANICE: (Acts surprised). Are you by any chance suggestingthat we may be doing something else?

HAKEEM: How would I know? That is why I am asking (agitated).

JANICE: (tries to change the topic) do you want to do this,now that we are alone and we should be enjoying the only time we haveto spend together. After all, you are never around and I feel lonelyat times.

HAKEEM: What? Are you having an affair? Is it what I am thinking?

JANICE: No, how could you even think of such a thing?

HAKEEM: Well, you said it. You said that you feel lonely at times.What did you expect me to think? And I am busy working for us, tomake us happy.

JANICE: I know and I would never cheat on you. I love you, and Ishould not have brought BEN up. I should not have mentioned him.

HAKEEM: (pulls her towards him) Well, you do not have to feelbad if there is nothing happening between you. It is a good thingthat you mentioned him because now I know that he comes over to myhouse in my absence. You know I love you? I would want to spend asmuch time as possible with you. (Silence) But I have to workto provide for the family.

JANICE: (looks at him) yes I know, and I love you too and Iwould never cheat on you.

HAKEEM: I hope so. Okay then let us eat, drink some wine and I have asurprise for you.

JANICE: (Smiling) Oh honey, what have you bought for me?

(JANICE serves food and they walk to the sitting room)

HAKEEM: Do not worry, you will see and I hope you like it.

JANICE: Of course I will dear. That is so sweet of you.

(They are now sitting, and as HAKEEM is switching on thetelevision there is a knock on the door. Both surprised as they didnot expect any visitor. HAKEEM approaches the door and opens)

HAKEEM: Oh and we were just talking about you. Honey it is BEN.

JANICE: (surprised and almost chokes) you…you said who?

HAKEEM: BEN (Ushers him to come in), so how have you been BEN?I hear you have been coming around when I am at work.

JANICE: (tries to signal BEN to leave, but he ignores) Honey,ask him to leave he can come back another day.

HAKEEM: Why? I already asked him to come in. After all I need to hearhis explanation as to why he comes here when I am at work.

JANICE: We already talked about that. (BEN tries to interfere, butJANICE interrupts) I thought I already told you.

(BEN looks surprised as well he is also anxious and tries toleave)

HAKEEM: (Looking at BEN). So you want to leave? Do not leave Ineed to know.

JANICE: Let him go (shouting) what is this?

HAKEEM: What is what? (Agitated) I think you lied to me. Thereis something both of you are not telling me. Let him talk JANICE.

(BEN interrupts HAKEEM and shouts. We are in love. I thought shetold you already that she wants to leave you.)

JANICE: (Shouting at BEN) shut up! Shut up! Honey I canexplain. It is not what he is saying.

HAKEEM: But….but you told me you are not having an affair. Howcould you?

JANICE: I am sorry. It just happened and he is lying. I do not lovehim. I would not leave you for him. I only said that once. Themorning we had a disagreement before you left for work. I was angryand crying and he came by and consoled me. Things just happened.

(BEN leaves the house in a hurry)

HAKEEM: I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this. How could you?Why? What have I not done for you?

JANICE: It happened only once and I love you. I am sorry HAKEEM.Please forgive me. It will never happen again.

HAKEEM: Oh no…why? Why? I love you and you do this to me and youare saying you love me? How could you?

JANICE: (Moves over to HAKEEM and hugs him). I am sorry.Please forgive me. It just happened and I will never do such a thingagain.

HAKEEM: (HAKEEM hugs her back) I will forgive you for the sakeof our family. I hope you will never do such a thing again.