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CausalAnalysis: Global Warming

Iwas awoken up early in the morning. Not because anyone was knockingon the door or that my sleep was gone, no. It’s because thehailstorms were hammering the newly built shed just outside the mainhouse so much that the dog couldn’t stop barking. It was odd and abit weird that it was raining in August that much, in fact it was notsupposed to be raining at all. I thought that was weird but severalevents that week and that month in general compounded to remind methat global warming was real and it was no one but us who had takenus to this point. We had polluted our planet to the point that a lothad changed and we were suffering from the effects of global warming.

Sincemy sleep was gone despite the fact that this was my day off and I hadplanned to sleep until noon for one, I decided I may as well watchthe news. It had been almost a month since I had watched the newsbecause I had got bored watching political shenanigans or celebritygossip of who had done what. On switching on the television, therewas the scariest news that I have seen in the last few years. Theywere saying that global warming was had led to rising of the sealevel. Okay, I was not particularly shocked by that because I havekind of been growing with such news but what shocked me was when theanalysis of the rate of rise in sea level followed. Apparently therate of rising is so sudden that in coming decade, coastal towns andhabitations may be gone. That is very scary because when I thinkabout my vacation or holiday I always think of a warm sun on a sandybeach in the mid morning and not floating somewhere on water with thetour guide saying that below us there used to be a certain coastaltown that has since submerged. The guest immediately turned anddiscussed a major tragic event that happened thousands of milesaway-the Tsunami. In this particular event, the water rushed from thesea sweeping everything inland and what followed was one of the mosthorrifying deaths that I have witnessed in my day. People’s bodieswere being dug up in mud and others on dilapidated roof tops whileothers were washed ashore by the powerful backwash. I became tearyand was about to brand the news as depressing before something toldme that I should sit back and watch what the world had become sincewe started polluting the environment in the name ofindustrialization.

Asthe feature progressed, it hit me that the effects of global warmingmay not be as sudden as the Tsunami or as far as happening in the FarEast, they were also steady and in our backyard. Driving in the cityin the morning was becoming nauseating in the early morning due tothe fog hanging over the city. It’s easy to assume these things,and even take them as normal but the health effects of pollution inthe cities was eating deeper into the ordinary folk’s pockets, thelead new anchor warning. The respiratory infections have beensteadily increasing as a result of breathing in polluted air amongother harmful particles in the air. As a result, the trips to thedoctor were increasing for every household and the medical bills weresteadily becoming one of the major expenses in every household.Rather than put money into savings, families now are having to spendmore on health checks and medication. Thinking back now on that day,I feel bad for the babies being born in the city because it seems sounfair that they have to breath in that smog into their little fraillungs. The news continued as I lay there on my couch, we were all tooselfish and rich nobody wants to take the bus or the train to work.As a result, there are way too many cars on the road and each one ofthem is releasing carbon dioxide into the air from its combustionengine that runs on gasoline.

Asa lay there, I reflected back on what I had learnt that morning. As aresult of global warming that we were fuelling with the pollution ofthe environment, the respiratory diseases were on the rise especiallyamong the young one who had delicate lungs, the ocean levels wereincreasing too and the weather patterns were changing so abruptlythat it could rain so heavily on an August morning. As the raineased, I walked outside and suddenly noticed that it was too dark andwarm for a moment just after the rain. Clearly the smog was becomingtoo much and the temperatures were sky-rocketing. We were causingglobal warming and the effects were increasingly becoming clear. Itdawned on me that global warming is real it’s too real to beignored any longer.