Collecting Customers` Feedback


Collecting Customers’ Feedback

Company X will continue evaluating its market by getting thecustomers feedback and remaining updated on the reviews made by thecustomers. Secondly, the use of mobile phone and the internet will bea viable way of reaching out to clients. The project can rely on thesame methods to get the feedback of clients from the field. Futuredecisions concerning the company’s strategy and company improvementwill be done after compiling the data collected from the customers(Martin &amp Tate, 2002). The data will include the appropriatenessof the greenhouse in the countries, the appropriateness of the priceand the need for an expanded market. The customers will fill surveysthat will be structured to include vital information to aid in makingsound decisions. It will also be necessary to keep statistical dataon the growing market (Martin &amp Tate, 2002). The initial datawill be available from partners that collect data from the field onthe food safety in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad.

Company X intends to introduce low-cost greenhouses in the threecountries to help peasant farmers to grow crops in regulatedconditions. The research conducted by the top internationalorganization including Unicef and The Hunger Project shows that thesecountries have a constant vulnerability to food insecurity. The cheapgreenhouses will be affordable in many households. However, theinitial price set on the greenhouses is subject to be reviewed withregard to the feedback collected from the customers.

Due to the increasing use of technology in the developing countries,company X aims at exploiting it to woo new customers and collectfeedback on the use of the greenhouses. The use of mobile phoneapplications and the internet will be a fast and efficient method ofcreating a link between them and the customers.


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