College Essay3



SinceI was a child, I have always dreamt of joining university. By thetime I was a teenager I read books, and accompanied my friends tolecture rooms. I was already helping my family to meet daily expensesand paying bills. I formed two companies and sold them to otherentrepreneurs who had the financial ability to make them successful.All these experiences did not satisfy me because I felt that I wasnot intellectually ready to confront and solve problems that affectpeople in my community and the society at large. Thus, I want to joinuniversity so that I gain the necessary knowledge to apply myentrepreneurial and life skills into transforming lives. Ofparticular importance to me is Italy. Once I graduate fromuniversity, I will use the knowledge I will have gained to make Italya forward-looking country as well as an active participant in globalsocial, political, and economic affairs.

Ibelieve the best way I can use the knowledge I will gain from theuniversity to improve Italy’s place in the community of powerfulnations is to reduce the number of youths who are unemployed. Currently, Italy has a youth unemployment rate of 40 per cent. I wantto be an active participant among citizens that will initiatepersonal programs that will assist communities to embraceentrepreneurship. I will use the knowledge I will gain from myeconomics course to understand the best ideas to use for incubatingstart-up businesses as well as reduce the cost of capital. Throughoutmy engagements with young people, I have come to learn that they havegreat innovative ideas, but they cannot implement them because theylack professional guidance as well as the financial capability. It isonly after I complete my studies in economics that I will get theknowledge to identify the most viable business ideas, find incubationprocedures, and find ways to enable them access capital in ameaningful manner.

Inthe event that my private efforts to help the youths access moreopportunities do not meet my goals, I will further use my knowledgein economics to change tact. I will join lobby groups and other civilrights institutions to petition the government to revise employmentcontracting policies. In fact, I will make sure that the changesinvolve amendments of laws pertaining to employment contracts. Currently, youths in Italy are experiencing high unemployment becauseit is very difficult for a youth to be employed especially in thepublic sector. Current laws are overly protective of workers employedon permanent contracts. The cost of hiring is also very high foremployers. Such conditions play out against the youths since moist ofthem are usually seeking employment for the very first time. There isno way I can be part of the larger campaign for employment reform isI do not understand the economic effects of policy changes. Afterstudying economics in college, I believe I will get the ideas tosupport my arguments for more youth inclusion in the labor market.

Theessence of education is to empower human beings to transform theworld through impacting life. I consider my enrolment for a course ineconomics as an opportunity to find the tools of transformation. I,therefore, look forward to the opportunity so that I can give thebest of my potential.


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