Comments Have gone through the assignment and it is rich in content. There`s nothing i can add on it or subtract. It is excellent to the expectation.

Comments:Have gone through the assignment and it is rich in content. There`snothing i can add on it or subtract. It is excellent to theexpectation.


Change is constant because wecan’t live under one condition forever. Changes run faster thanplans. From the day we were born, we change places to live fordifferent life stage, we change that schools we attend, we alsochange our jobs, and the people around us changed from time to time.

From my personal experience, Ichanged the country where I attend university. Under this condition,I left my original country to Canada, and the whole environment ischanged, for example the emotion, the weather, the culture, thepeople and the lifestyle. When this big change first occurred in mylife, my emotion conflicts. I love my own country, and I am alsocurious about the new environment at the same time, I also feltexcited to be in a brand new country, to learn the new culture and tomeet new friends. These factors are aligning with the factors that wetalked about in the course content. The most important perspectivefor me is the emotion. There are two emotion attractors: positive andnegative. Positive emotion attractors are helping people to createnew ideas, and whole environment is motivating. Negative emotionattractors could cause people to feel stressed and the environmentcould cause people shut down. We are trying to move towards positivedirection and avoid negative emotion, but it’s not always that easyfor us.

Emotionis an important consideration becoming a leader because emotion canaffect our behaviour and our mind in different ways: positive andnegative. Positive emotion can help us to become an effective andefficient leader because positive emotion acts like motivator for us.Motivation could improve our working speed and also increase thequality of work. Also, positive emotion can be influential andinspiring to others. I believe that effective leader should beinfluential, inspiring and motivated and positive emotion can help meto achieve my goal. On the other hand, negative emotion coulddecrease our efficiency or working. Negative emotion could alsoaffect the people around us and as the result, decrease othersefficiency. We don’t want to be the leader that spreading thenegative emotion to the followers.

Changeis constant and we are supposed to adopt different action, emotionand thoughts under different situation. In Energy LeadershipWorkshop, we learnt different level of emotions. When change occurs,we have to change our emotion, action and thoughts because we are nolong in the previous condition. For instance, I am under level 5 –peace right now but I moved to different city and changed a new job,I have to fit into the new environment, and this is the time for meto adopt a new energy level based on the Energy Leadership Workshop.I could possibly move to level 3 – forgiveness or even level 2 –anger because I am not get used to the new living environment and newjob. Energy Leadership Orientation can help me better adopt differentlevel of emotion when change happens, and also can help me to analyzemy emotion level, my action and my thoughts in order to get betterunderstanding of myself and improve my leadership skill.


I agree with the concepts ofcreativity and innovation because we can’t be “followers” allthe time. I understand that creativity and innovation is a long-terminvestments and people are easy to feel tired of the certain projectand lose supports from others. However, when new products ortechnology are created or innovated, it will increase theproductivity and efficient, also it will decrease the cost ofproduction as well because we don’t have to rely on the technologyoutside of the organization to support our production.

Not only creativity andinnovation idea will create new products and techniques, it also canhelp people to increase their professional skills. We can’t just becreative and innovative on products or techniques at the same time,we have to keep our professional skills up to date. We can’toperate a new system or use a brand new products without learning theupdated professional knowledge associated with that. Being creativityand innovative is also important for our soft skills such as ourleadership skills. Leaders are acting creatively and innovativelycould save leaders’ time and resources.

Creativity and innovative is animportant consideration in becoming a leader. I believe thateffective leader should be inspiring, influential and motivated andcreativity and innovative will help to achieve beyond those factors.Creating or innovating a new products or skills can be influential toothers around us, and they might follow the idea about creating andinnovating. After influenced by the creative and innovative leader,they will start to act like a creative and innovative people in theirlife. Also, creativity and innovative will create positiveatmosphere. People around the leaders will be influenced by thepositive atmosphere, and positive atmosphere that perceived by thosepeople around leaders will become positive emotion. Positive emotioncan help people increase the productivity and increase theefficiency.

By moving on to different energyleadership, each individual level specifies action, emotion andthoughts based on the certain level. Working with energy leadershipcould help me to identify what I need and what I want in certainlevel of energy. Also it helps me to identify my emotion according tothat certain stage. After figuring out what I need and want, myemotion is, I can be a effective and efficient leader on creativityand innovative. Becoming effective and efficient will help me to savetime. Being creative and innovative could be time consuming becausewe have to take time to come up with new ideas, so it’s importantto save time on other perspective in order to be effectively andefficiently on creativity and innovative.Technology is changing inthe current world, and leadership skills should keep up to date aswell. Being creative and innovation is a kind of trend under thisfast changing technology world for every aspect in life.


As for my own future planning andtime, I will first focus on what I need and what I want. After makinga list for what I need and what I want, I will prioritize themaccordingly. I also would consider about the time frame for me toachieve those factors, and take time into consideration for theprioritizing. I would not spend too much time on a least priorityproject in my future. Keep prioritizing my tasks and taking time intoconsideration will keep me motivated, inspired. Organizing my taskscan help me to draw a whole picture for me and help me to foresee myfuture targets. After foreseeing the future targets, I will bemotivated and I will be excited to achieve those targets.

Forfuture planning, I should improve on taking other factors intoconsideration. I couldn’t only take time, achievable level intoconsideration, I also should think about my financial situation andwhether those tasks are suitable for my future career because what Ineed and what I want is really different from each other. I shouldfocus on what I need, and then what I want.

Energyleadership orientation helps me identify each individual level ofemotion, thoughts and action. After identifying my current level, Icould easily focus on my action, emotion and thoughts. By takingemotion, actions and thoughts into consideration also can help meplan my future better because I now have a better understanding ofmyself under each individual level. I can change or adapt my currentplan with my current level of energy. Based on the seven level ofenergy, and think about my current planning stage, I could improve myplanning skills by considering different factors at the same time andmake my plans towards perfect. Level 3 for Energy Leadership isdifferent from Level 4, and I should consider the core factors andplan my future or my current actions based on my energy level.

Changeis constant, so we should change our planning as time goes. We can’tuse one single plan throughout our life. Under each life stage, weshould change our plan accordingly by thinking our current needs,financial situation and other key factors. Improvement can beimplemented as we go, and also change could be beneficial for usbecause we now have the chance to learn to adapt.