Concentration Plasma Homocysteine

ConcentrationPlasma Homocysteine

ConcentrationPlasma Homocysteine

Homocysteineis a condition that has been related to different causes with everycause having an independent explanation. In most cases, the negativesides of the factor have been considered without much attention givento the positive sides of the same. As discussed earlier, thiscondition is more prevalent in men than it is in females and this hasrestricted the possibilities of its study. Being that homocysteine isnot a protein amino acid, it can be biosynthesized from methionine byremoving terminal C which is a methyl group. This process is fasterwhere there is a lot of vitamin B since there are some processes thatwould need the catalyst action of the vitamin. When there is a highamount of the same in the body, there could be an ease in breakingsome injuries and this would be detrimental to human life. From thisexplanation, there are some factors that must be put intoconsideration before its administration. The positive and thenegative parts of the condition with a future prospective areoutlined. The subject is relevant in the current situation where someof the required components of vitamin B are hard to find in thenatural food. The composition of the current health care diet maylack some of the most salient components.

Withthe increasing rate of the condition in men, some risks are verylikely depending of the lifestyle of an individual. When there is afavorable lifestyle, the condition can be maintained without propermedical attention. An increase in the level of homocysteine to alimit above the normal can lead to a condition calledhyperhomocysteinemia. This condition leads to other diseases in thebody with more serious consequences that the original problem.Fromthe projection, it is expected that the situation can mostly affectthe individuals with very low intake of vitamin B. danger in theincrease of intake leads to arterial vascular diseases such asthrombosis that would be harmful to health. When excess nutrients aretaken from the vitamin, the condition may lead to an under supplythat may eventually lead to a different condition. Homocysteine canact as an antibiotic that protects the body from some harmfulinfections.

Itis expected that lifestyle would show a bit of changes and effects onthe plasma concentration homocysteine. With men, coffee will beexpected to have greater effects as well as alcohol. The effects ofthese stimulants are majorly negative unlike in women where insteadof coffee tea is expected to cause the difference. There is agreater interaction between the intake of alcohol and smoking withthe folate intake. Projection indicates that alcohol would lead toconditions where the more dangers will be likely. From the previousresearch, the effects of this condition are more on males than it ison females. The types of food to be taken and their effects on thecondition differ with gender. The composition of the human genderreceives the concentration differently and this reduces and increasesthe chances of the effects depending on the chosen lifestyle. Alcoholconsumption, when it is in excess leads to overconcentration and thisresult to more serious conditions. The study will be based on menonly but some women will be taken for tests as control experiments inan attempt to explain the difference in effects and changes inlifestyle.

Thechart shown in this figure is an expected result from the effects oflifestyle and how it is going to affect the given condition. Thechances of the condition being severe depend on the excesses of thisindulgence in alcohol, coffee, tea and other things that can affectthe body function. The chart compares age and the effects of othersubstances.

Thisis a graphical representation of the expected effects of plasmaconcentration on men. The line graph shown in red represents theexpected effects on women which, in this case, the red line is thecontrol experiment. The odds ratio for coronary artery diseases inmen of a 5 mumol/L of tHcy stand at 1.6. The confidence level of thisprojection is 95%. When there is an increase in folic intake, therisk ratio of increased plasma concentration homocysteine reduces by4 mumol/L. The expected results from the tabulated values willdetermine the chances of the condition increasing or reducing.Administration of different kinds of substances will results indifferent conditions where the chances of the concentration will varywith the chosen lifestyle.

Inconclusion, having different causes of elevated homocysteine dependof several factors. As seen in the projected analysis, the past casesof the condition have been linked to the changes in lifestyle and theadaptation in different conditions. The condition has differentresults in women and in men but in most cases, the most obvious casesare reported in cases of men. Having similar lifestyles can lead to adifference in the effects since the expected results are not similarin men as in women. Proper administration in the correct amount ofvitamin B can reduce the effects.


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