Concert Critique Santana`s Performance


Concert Critique: Santana’s Performance

Concert Critique: Santana’s Performance

I attended the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival 2016, which tookplace on the 26th of February 2016 at the Dubai Media CityAmphitheatre located close to Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah. I was partof this magnificent live performance because I am an innate lover ofthe finest jazz music genre and to crown it all Carlos Santana is myendless fun.

The comfortable seats along with chilled atmosphere adorned the DubaiMedia City Amphitheatre automatically taking the viewer inexclusively one jazz world. A mixture of white and blue flashyluminescence lights created a fountain as they crossed from thereverse sides of the stage. The rest of the audience remainedrelatively dark to give the viewer a perfect view of the performance.The overall casually warm dressed audience that sang along to all theperformances comprised of people of all ages with youths ofmiddle-aged making the largest population. As much as I loved theunison in singing along, I had preferred quietly listening to everyrhythm releasing my dopamine.

The performance could not get better with the legendary Santana, whobrought the audience into a fiery creative fusion of Latin rock withjazz and blues combined with his love vibe, positivity and harmony.Without a doubt, Santana’s performance is one of the world`sguaranteed musical signatures delivered with a certain level ofpassion and soul. The guitar percussions and vocal were the mainblend orchestra yielding the classic musical effects.

Composer and Performer Overview: Biographical Sketch

Birth Carlos Augusto Santana Alves

Date of Birth: July 20th, 1947, Autlan, Jalisco, Mexico

Early Life

Graduated from the Mission High School, San Francisco in 1965 afterwhich he was accepted at the California State University, Northridge.

Early Career

Performed at Tijuana strip clubs as teen and encouraged by B.B. King,Little Richard and Ray Charles

Began his novel touch of the 1950’s rock and roll, gainedprominence in 1966, and formed the Santana Blues Band.

Albums: Recorded first album, Santana in 1969 followed byAbraxas (1970), Santana III in (1971) Caravanserai (1972), Amigos(1976), Zebop (1981) Milagro (1992) Brothers (1994), Supernatural(1999) and Shaman (2002).

Live Shows: LiveAid (1985), Amnesty International (1986),Sacred Fire: Live in South America (1993).

Awards: Grammy Award, Best Vocals (2005) and LifetimeAchievement Award (2009) (, 2016)

The iconic and beloved guitarist more than entertained me. I enjoyedevery moment of the concert. For a moment, I was lost in time as theperformance kept on impressing me with his Latin-soaked rock androll. In the course of feeling the music, I appreciated anapplication of the information I covered in class. For the firsttime, I practically differentiated the effect of each music type.Each song had a very distinctive harmony. The constant tempo with aslow and earth sound belonged to the blues category. Santana seemedto improvise during his solo with the signature guitar. The drummeracted as the timekeeper with a high hat and crashed cymbal.

Figure1: Ticket Stub


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