Congress, Political Parties in America


Congress,Political Parties in America

CongressPolitical Parties in America

Americais now a multi-party system where the Republican Party and DemocraticParty are the most powerful. Other parties like Natural Law,Constitution, Socialist, Reform, Libertarian and Green parties can beas well present presidential candidates in the election. Therefore islike the parties are the yardstick in the presidential elections andso the American people have to be open-minded in electing theirpresident by looking outside the most dominant parties, Republicanand Democratic parties. The party system today seems firmlywell-established (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2014).

Politicsin America is today is filled with the research on what the partiesdo, how the party leaders act, how they are organized, their majorrole as well as their limitation. The unique features of thispolitical parties and the influence of this parties within theAmerican political system are also great determination. With well-established political parties, there is a political balance systemthat covers these political parties up-to-date and the reality ofpolitical life.

Americanpolitical parties have been so vital to the parties and thefunctioning of the U.S. House of Representatives. The attempts of theinitiating the generation to produce a national government which isfree to political parties is proved unfunctional. Political partiesestablished their importance in the House very quickly in displayingits work and in connecting the separation of powers. The House ofRepresentatives, in this case, is the lower compartment in thebicameral government known communally as Congress. For a long time,House parties captivated the various local and state actions (U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2014).

Thereis substantial verification that many Americans understand and knowslight about the political system of their country, perhaps furtherthan in the case of any other developed autonomous nation.Conventionally turnout in American congressional elections is muchdown than in other open-minded democracies particularly those ofWestern Europe. Americans are not having more faith in the Americanpolitical system since people internally are questioning thecontinual pre-eminence of the US as the main global power.


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