Course Reflection Integrity and Academic Dishonesty

CourseReflection: Integrity and Academic Dishonesty

[1]Aristotle’s General: “[T]he man who is truly and wise will bearwith dignity whatever fortune may bring, and will always act nobly ascircumstances permit, just as good general makes the most strategicuse of troops at his disposal and the shoe maker makes the best shoehe can, from the leather available” (Pavela 2).

Theabove quote is directly communicating on the link between integrity,leadership and general success. Integrity is an important attributeto a person’s ethical and moral standing in decision makingprocesses. Effective leadership is mostly attributed to the goaloriented behaviors of those in leadership positions. This sentimentis echoed by the lust of power and wealth that may be obtainedthrough unethical and immoral processes that typically, are notacceptable in the society. For this reason, it is important foranyone in leadership position to include integrity in their day today activities. It is important to understand that acting withintegrity does not necessarily illustrate how the society ororganization views you, rather it is a process of remaining honestand true to oneself (Pavela 2).

However,it is very important to state that integrity is a deeply personalmatter as it depends on how varieties of people interpret it. Inleadership position for instance, there are complex realities thatindividuals face in producing effective results as well as face theconceptual work on their integrity. It is important for any leader todemonstrate effective leadership skills through getting the work doneas well as being able to look in the mirror at the end of the day andgladly recognize that he or she acted ethically, honestly and fairly.Just as the quote states, there are some difficult situations mayforce a leader to face a dilemma. In this regard, it is important tobe able to balance that integrity and flexibility to produce the bestresults.

Integritywill help one to gain trust and confidence from his or her peers aswell as offer one a peace of mind. Integrating flexibility inleadership is important attribute as it shows that one is ready andopen to new ideas (Pavela 2). This means that one is able to changetheir behaviors from time to time as circumstances permit at thatvery moment. When a leader demonstrates this kind of integrity to hissubjects, he or she influences them to work harder and smarter as ateam in realizing the general success. Integrity and honesty are verycritical for achieving success in any leadership positions of thesociety.

TheMichigan State University has detailed process that is to be observedby any student found to have compromised his or her integrity (MSUPolicy 2). Students who engage in dishonest academic practices likecheating lack integrity. The lack integrity and cheating altogetherend up paying a great price as that is a costly choice. The policy onacademic integrity is a fundamental attribute that any student isrequired to achieve and hold. The penalties are harsh and no studentwould want to go through the tedious processes of proving to havingattained integrity after a dishonest ordeal (MSU Policy 2). Thereforethe school has adequately prepared students, in that they are able tobe integrated and embraced in the society that has different codes.Integrity is a vital attribute to any prospective employee and itguarantees one job security as well as a successful career.

However,when students engage in dishonest activities that lack integrity,they tend to hurt the society as a whole (Pavela 3). The societycannot grow effectively if the leaders of tomorrow demonstrateimmoral and unacceptable behaviors.

Itis very important for the students to be groomed effectively to beable to integrate integrity and honesty in their personal lives.Without these two significant attributes, the society may haveunequal distribution of wealth, insecurity as well as an unfairrepresentation in public positions. The society, therefore reliesheavily on the academic integrity of students to be of high regard,so as to able to have a society that is free of unfairness,immorality or unethical behaviors (Wade 2).

Myattitude on education has changed significantly from my earliergeneral perception that it is a process in the educational systemthat only guarantees a job in the end. I understand that education ismuch diverse from the classrooms, libraries and co-curricularactivities. Education is an important aspect of self-sustainabilitythat guarantees many opportunities in the future. In this regard, itsecures one’s future by ensuring that one is equipped with enoughtools, skills and is able to identify opportunities when they happen.Moreover, education has presented me with the opportunity tointegrate myself in the larger diverse community through culturalexchange programs. This has not only improved my interpersonalskills, but has presented me with an opportunity to share my culturalexperience.

Mywhole personal view of education has therefore changed in greatextent. I am more keen to learn new things and always eager toexplore opportunities that may present themselves in my lifetime.Education gives one the confidence and courage to face the world asone is equipped with skills that ensure the ability to perform to theexpectations of the organization he or she is serving. In addition, Ihave been able to renew my ambitions for my career and am able tohave viable set goals with a strategic personal plan.

Mypersonal goal is to be successful in the future as my happinessdepends on that achievement. I wish to contribute to the society tothe best of my abilities justly and fairly while at the same timestrive to attain my personal growth. I believe that I have greatpotential that I want to explore through engaging in productiveactivities that will guarantee me fair returns as well as make feelproud at the end of each day. I plan to use my degree to kick startthe career of my dreams. I intend to learn the necessary competenceand offer my acquired skills and knowledge to strive for expertisethat will see me propel my professional career and serve the society.

Forthis reason, I will change my personal attitude to all the taskedassigned to me by my professors. I will regard every assignment asimportant and significant to my prospective professional career andwill not engage in any behavior that is opposed to Michigan StateUniversity integrity policies. This will not only guarantee me toattain my degree but will also ensure that I become an individualwith high moral and ethical standards to the society and everybodyaround me. This is an important attribute to any ambitious individualwho would wish for a successful career that touches the lives of thesociety by improving and offering solutions. In this regard,integrity in high esteem is an important attribute that I hope tohold on in my personal, professional and general life.


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