WhyStudents Drop out of College

Studentsare joining college each year. They go there with high hopes ofmolding their lives but most obviously having not decided what careerpath they would want to take and those who have do not know what isrequired and they end up changing their study. However, a greatnumber end up dropping out due to different reasons. The reasons whystudents dropout are discussed in paragraphs 3, 4, and 6.

TheCauses of College Dropouts

Somefind the programs they have chosen to be too hard for them. This formost is caused by the fact that in high school they were not taughthow to prepare for college. Most of them will not have anypreparation apart from the basic knowledge in mathematics, Englishand the sciences.

Otherslack proper study habits and they end up enjoying themselves by goingto parties and, when exams are near, they rush to study by then itis too late and the behavior goes on for a couple of terms and theyend up quitting due to low grades.

Othersdrop out due to personal reasons, some of these can be loss of ascholarship or grant, some fall sick, are injured or face a death ofa family member who was supporting their study, while a considerablenumber become disillusioned with the college program due to distance,location or the atmosphere.


Theeffects are discussed in paragraph 7. Most of the students who do notgo through college end up getting civilian jobs and contribute to theeconomy. Those who manage joining college later get better jobs andothers join the armed forces to contribute to the motherland in apositive manner. However, the goals of most are to come out and beproductive.