Creative Report III Global Cause and Campaign Part I

CreativeReport III: Global Cause and Campaign


Theglobal issue that we were assigned to is the war in Syria. Thecitizens of Syria became victims by circumstances because of theconflict that arose due to the armed conflict. The protests that weremade against the government escalated into a civil war.

Inresearching for this issue, I followed the guidelines of the researchprocess following the sources I got on the issue. The researchprocess included defining the research problem, reviewing about theliterature, hypothesis formulation, the research design, collectionof data, analyzing the data and finally interpreting after which thewriting of the report followed.

Globalcivil society is a collection of groups who work along theinternational borders to protect the interests of the people in aparticular nation. They reach the audiences through the provision ofmeaningful contributions, direct communication, and through the useof the social media.

Thepublicity tactics by NGOs include the definition of their message,feedback where people get involved and are part of the plan thepeople are appreciated through other forms other than monetaryappreciation, and also the use of media to create awareness to thepeople.



Theorigin of this global issue is the protests that were made by thecitizens and were directed towards the government. The citizens ofSyria were against the leadership of President Bashar, and this iswhat led to the continued protests that were targeted at thepresident’s leadership. The protests came along after some youths,who were arrested and put under severe conditions when paintedrevolutionary slogans on their school’s walls. Those who wereprotesting encountered unreasonable force after the security killedsome of them by opening fire towards them, a situation that attractednationwide protests that demanded the resignation of PresidentBashar. The protests continued from the rural homes up to the capitalcity, Damascus, and the other second largest city Aleppo.

Theglobal issue started when the opposition supporters decided to defendthemselves and also drive out the security forces who had invadedtheir local areas. This situation brought about armed conflictleading to a civil war. The rebel brigades started battling thegovernment forces so that they could take control of the majorcities. This battle took another turn as it turned out to be a battlebetween the forces that were against Bashar and those that were forhim. On the process, several people were killed while others weredisplaced from their homes. This led to the emergence of refugeecamps to host some of the families the likes of Ahmed and his family.

Thisglobal issue affected all the citizens of Syria, both the majoritySunni sect as well as the minority Shia Alawite sect where thepresident belonged. People were forced out of their homes and tookshelter in the refugee camps for their safety. Thousands of otherwere killed as other were victims of other crimes against humanity.The other countries that were affected included Lebanon, Jordan, andTurkey they had to accommodate this highest number of refugees fromtheir Syria and also take care of their needs (Rodgers, Gritten,Offer and Asare, 2016).


Thesituation in Syria drew the attention of both international and localorganizations. There are some international organizations that wereinvolved in helping the Syrian citizens. In particular, they werethe UNHCR, the UN, the USAID, UNICEF, IRC, CARE among several otherinternational organizations (USAID, 2016). There were other localorganizations that were working in partnership with the internationalorganizations to provide the required help to people who weresuffering in Syria and those who were in the refugee camps indifferent countries neighboring Syria. The local organizationsincluded the Oxfam, Shelter Box, Save the Children, and Mercy Corpsamong several others. All these organizations had distinct roles. Therefugees were able to receive services like rescuing those who werelost in the Mediterranean Sea by use of rescue boats a service thatwas provided by Migrant Offshore Aid Station. They could get the helpof food and water from these organizations as well as the provisionof scholarships to the Syrian children. There was also the provisionof medical facilities and medical attention as well as clothing tothe refugees. These organizations provided their help directly to theSyrians as well as calling for an international help from otherstates and governments to help in feeding the Syrians in refugeecamps and those who were unlucky to escape (Welsh, 2016).

Theorganizations partly succeeded in reaching the solutions to thiscrisis by extending the help to the people in the refugee camps.Several Syrians benefited from the services of these organizations,but there are those who did not benefit as well.

Oneof the shortcomings the organizations faced is the restrictions thatwere put by these warring parties in Syria that barred the access thehumanitarian agencies required to reach those Syrians who were inplaces that were not easily accessible. The organization alsosuffered from the shortage of funds that were required to attend tothe ever growing number of refugees. The UN and the USAID are the twoorganizations that invested a lot and used their funds to ensure thatthe refugees got the necessities.


Thisglobal issue matter because the consequences have led to theviolation of human rights across Syria. The citizens have witnessedcrimes against humanity from the forces that were supposed to grantthem the required safety. They are now refugees in foreign countrieswhere they depend on help from international bodies to get the basicneeds.

Mycommunity should care because this is an international issue that canhappen in the society we are living in. Hence, we should be preparedon how to handle such crisis if it will ever happen in our society.

Thisis an issue that the whole community should be involved in so that weavoid any unnecessary events that may lead to such unrest. I wouldlike to lead a peaceful campaign where the citizens should live inharmony and discourage any activities that may interfere with theunity of the people in our society. This campaign will only work if Iemploy the correct method of communication that will ensure that themessage has been delivered. I intend to use strategic communicationto run the peaceful campaign. This will help bring the expectedpositive social change in the community that will educate people onhow to stay peacefully with one another.

Afterthis campaign, I expect to have successes in the peace programcampaign where the people in the community live peacefully.Similarly, I hope to have brought the required social change throughthe strategic communication that will lead to sustainable developmentin the society.


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