Communicationand data security has posed a challenge to most companies. can help such companies sort out the problems. In thispaper, I will focus on the application of cryptography in my place ofwork to sort out similar challenges.

is a science where most of the writing is done using a secret code.This writing is commonly used to secure the communication from thirdparties. These third parties, as well as the public, will, therefore,be kept at the bar from accessing and reading private messages. Themodern cryptography has evolved over time and it is widely usedcompared to the traditional one (Schneier, 2015). The knowledgelearnt in class can be applied in different fields in the place ofwork. In my place of work, I have made an intensive and extensive useof cryptography in different areas where information security is atrisk.

Applicationsof cryptography in my place of work


Iwork in a communication industry where everything we do is purelybased on information technology. There is massive exchange of textsbetween the employers and the clients as well. While writing thesemessages, I normally take care to ensure that the message is receivedonly by the intended user. I do these through the help of public-keycryptography where the clients receive a message that the companyencrypted them using the private key and the user knows that themessage is from our company and the user can decrypt it by use of thepublic key of the company. The company has adopted the use of PrettyGood Privacy (PGP) that has helped the company in doing encryptionand authentication when we are dealing with the emails and other filestorage applications. As the company staff, we can do properencryption of messages and the digital signatures. Likewise,compressing the data is possible and also email compatibility hasbeen enhanced (Martin, 2012).


Thisis a technique that enables us as the staff of the company to knowwhen the electronic document was sent to our client. It also enablesus to retrieve the messages between the clients and the company. Ihave used these feature when making references and solving caseswhere clients claim not to have received any form of communicationfrom the company or where some claim that they have never transactedany business with the company. Because the same message can be sentto several users, this technique uses a blind signature schemeencryption that enables me to send a message received by a previoususer to another user without disclosing the identity of the previoususer to any third party. This feature enables me to make an efficienttransition to the legal documents that are electronic in nature.


Iwas lucky to be employed at the phase where the company was makinghardware and software implementations that could have enabled thecompany to use the transfer of funds electronically. Previously, Ifound out that the company relied on the anonymous applications whichnever identified the sender of funds. I gave the idea of theidentified spending schemes that enabled the company to know thesenders of the electronic funds. The company could now transactbusinesses between the clients by sending and receiving the cash. Inthis case, we used encryption to protect private and confidentialdata like the account numbers and the amount that the clients havetransacted with the company. I also assisted the company to make useof the digital signatures and encryption of the public-key so thatconfidentiality could be enhanced (Martin, 2012).

Securenetwork communications

Thecompany had challenges of handling the data security when dealingwith the Internet-based communication. When I joined the company,Netscape Company had introduced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that Ihelped the company make use of it so that data security could beenhanced. With the use of SSL, there’s authentication of server andthe client but the authentication of the second user is optional. Theclient has to request the company’s certificate as we are theservers and upon the client receiving the information, a master keywill be generated that encrypts the pubic key of the server andfinally the master key that has been encrypted is sent to the server.There is communication between the server and the client and theresponse of the client is required by returning his digital signaturethrough the use of the public-key certificate (Martin, 2012).


Thecompany had issues with some of the staff members that it decidedthat some of the members should be allowed use while others shouldnot be allowed. I had to use the threshold systems to ensure that Ilimit access to some members and allow the same access to therestricted number of users as per the agreement. These systems workwith encryption of keys that are distributed in portions.


is a discipline that has massive applications in almost allindustries but it is more pronounced in others. Several companieshave faced challenges of securing their communication and datathrough the internet. The use of cryptography has assisted in solvingthe security issues that have for a long time affected thecommunication section especially online communication. The disciplinehas enabled me to make use of what I learnt in class to help thecompany where I work to sort out the security issues it is facingconcerning communication.


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