Database Discussion





Ihave been working downtown for some time, at an antique automobileclub. While in the club, I am always presented with a lot of personalinformation such as the phone numbers, the email addresses, thepostal addresses, the names, and other areas of interest. A databasefor this business can be very simple. I would come up with a rationaldatabase system to assist me to keep the track of the members. Anautomobile club cannot have many members and thus I can come up withjust a small relational database to store the names, phone numbers,areas of interest among others. The database would also comprise ofthe data concerning the autos regarding the conditions, the color,the year, and the brand. The vehicles are linked to their owners, whoare the club members. Every member has one or more cars, but a carcan belong just to a single member. The database can be very usefulin tracking all the necessary information at the club. Because thedatabases are usually stored in an electronic form, more than oneuser in distinct places may see the information more than once atdifferent locations. As such, the databases allow more flexibilitydue to their digital nature.

DatabaseDiscussion-Replies to Classmates


Fromthis response, the classmate gives an excellent example of arelational database. The database assists the classmate to checkwhatever he wants, instead of physically searching through the boxes.From this database technology, the model based and user basedcollaborative filtering is very successful in building therecommender systems.


Theclassmate applies the database knowledge in the use of the electroniccigarettes, which heat the e-juice. The device tracks every recipethat the classmate uses. I think this is a great application ofdatabase system, which can be adopted by businesses. Thus, theclassmate excellently describes the sample database.



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