Decision Quitting My Job to Focus on School


Decision: Quitting My Job to Focuson School

Decision: Quitting My Job to Focuson School

I am a pre-healthcare student targeting to join an excellent Nursingschool or Physician Assistant school in pursuit for my long-termcareer. Additionally, I am a single mother who values spending moretime with my children. Currently, I hold a government position in themilitary department. The military unit covers my basic housingallowance and entitles me for the VA entitlement given that I attendschool. Joining an excellent Nursing or Physician Assistant requiresinvestments of significant time to go into thorough studies toenhance the possibilities of obtaining the required Grade PointAverage (G.P.A). Nursing and Physician assistance training need aG.P.A point of 3.0-4.0 for enrolment(Huacuja-LaPointe, Labrecque &amp Voss, 2014). In light ofthe position, I am obliged to quit my job to focus on school. I willexplain the necessity of this decision, available options, mostlikely consequences, and the importance of the option results beforearriving at the best choice.

Necessity of this Decision

My current job is demanding in regards to time. Usually, I workduring the day and spend time with my family in the evening. Thenights barely leave me with enough time to study because Iconcentrate more on my children and few house chores that exhaust me.There is a need to create time that will grant me a favourable studyenvironment at the same time not interfering with my family momentsgiven that family is my life and comes first. I can create more timeby quitting my job yet that is what I depend on to care for myfamily. This decision, therefore, will grant me a platform where Ican focus more of my time on my class work. Since I am also afull-time single mother, it is essential that a lot of my free timegoes to my children. More free time would give me the opportunity tofocus on school and my kids.


I have the option of requesting a change in a shift if the managementagrees. My kids are usually asleep most of the mornings. My mind isalso fresher in the morning to grab concepts and enhanceunderstanding of the units giving me better chances of high scores. If I can get five hours in the morning to study, I can work for therest of the hours. I could also arrange with my supervisors to see ifI could cut down on my hours and maybe switch to part time work toallocate me extra free time. Alternatively, if that does not work,then I will have to give up on my job. Quitting my job will allocateme more time to plan adequately for my studies and support mychildren’s growth. With this option, I stand guaranteed of adequatetime to invest optimally in my studies and better future.

Consequences of Each Option

If the management agrees to change my shift, I will study and spendtime with my children during the day. This option would still bechallenging because it will steal considerable time with my kids andexpose me to work in a relatively tired state that might compromisemy productivity. Switching to a part-time job, on the other hand,will lower my pay that will shortly interfere with my current livingstandard, but it will at the same time allow me to save more time forstudies. Quitting my job has both long and short-term effects. Thelong-term effects of leaving my job would be that I would lose myGovernment job position, which is hard to get into these days. Theshort-term effects would be the loss of pay. As much as I would stillreceive my VA entitlement for going to school which it would stillgive me a cut in pay. In the end, giving up my be a short-timeincrease in my GPA and a long-term security of desirable income.

Importance of the Consequences

It is important that I afford the lifestyle that I have allowed mychildren and myself to become accustomed. Keeping the government jobdoes not ensure me of a rising big enough to cause significantchanges in my lifestyle. I can secure better jobs in future if I makethe right and attractive credentials now. The importance of thisconsequence is that if I want to get into an excellent Nursing schoolor Physician Assistant school, I need a good G.P.A to be accepted andif I do not have that then all the time I have dedicated to going toschool would be down the drain. This consequence regarding the G.P.Ais not negotiable.

Best Option in Light of the Consequences

I could also work part time, but that still would run me at the riskof not getting a great GPA. Giving up my job is a short-term biggerrisk for my income and children support but rewarding to my G.P.A andlong-term better future. At least, I will still receive be receivinga basic housing allowance from the military for attending school, andthat will keep me, going as wait for better days. Quitting my job,therefore, presents me the best option regardless of the consequencesas we are all aware there is no gain without pain


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