Demystifying Racism Due date



Racismis a menace that has over the years perpetrated discrimination andhatred among people. Blacks have been exposed to injustices due tothe color of their skin. Martin Luther is one of the most notablerights activists that condemned racism with bitter indictment.

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Itis so disappointing that even in an era that upholds civilization asa core value racism is still evident in most parts of the world. Thetopic of this article is that though we are all equal based in thestates of nature, Americans have almost entirely believed thatinequality is inevitable. This notion elucidates clearly the pivotalposition that racism has occupied in the lives of Americans.

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Itis worth noting that back and white Americans worked together inVirginia a factor that in turn led to racial segregation since theyfelt more vulnerable than other races.

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Racesegregation is all about social imbalances. These imbalances andinjustices later instigate racism as a social construct and not as ahuman response.

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Theperpetuation of racism serves the interests of dominant elitesabetted by the complexity of the false consciousness of the workingclasses.

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Learningabout bacon’s rebellion elicits different perspectives about raceand racism. This rebellion prompts to think that race segregation isthe existing social affiliations while racism is merely an upheavalthat lies along the precepts of social human behavior.

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WhatDR. King’s sentiment at the begriming of the article suggest isthat, racism ideologies are being transmitted from one generation tonext. Thus race segregation is a menace that is far from beingeradicated.


Americanhistory is prevalent with racial segregation. The study of thishistory is crucial since it will help the contemporary societycomprehend the atrocities that racism has caused. With this knowledgethen the society will possibly be in a position to decide that it isthe time America becomes a free state characterized by humanequality. The present era needs respect for human dignity andappreciation of human diversity.