Description of a CEO Position in a Fortune 500 Company

Descriptionof a CEO Position in a Fortune 500 Company

Descriptionof a CEO Position in a Fortune 500 Company

Icurrently desire the role of a legendary CEO of a Fortune 500 companysince I will have the power to make long-term decisions that favorcompany’s interests as a whole. Moreover, the chief executives ofthe Fortune 500-company benefit from recompenses proportionately,with bonuses, total pay and other added perks that sum up to hugeamounts.

Havingfinancial shrewdness is one of the core skills that a CEO shouldpossess (Bragg, 2011). Since large companies look for chiefexecutives who can strategically develop and understand ramificationsof business decisions financially, then a CEO that attributes astrong financial background regarding career and experience is highlypreferred. To become an excellent CEO of a Fortune 500 company, oneneeds to have the financial expertise for wise decision-making and tocreate value for the respective company.

Anyaspiring CEO should have good communication skills, especially thoserelating to interpersonal communications. One should have the abilityto build solid relationships and connections with bosses and peersrespectively. This is because when nature of networks changes in aglobalized world, connections matter even more. In fact, a CEO of aFortune 500 company should have the capacity to listen and understandbusiness needs. It is also significant to have germane education orstudies depending on the industry to pursue in as a CEO. Ideally,having both a graduate and an undergraduate degree is a necessity formany chief executives. Knowledge of pertinent issues in the businessworld as well as comprehensive and constructive ken on businessmanagement is imperative to a CEO. Bragg (2011) reports that emergingeconomies greatly emphasis on science, engineering, MBA, finance andaccounting degrees into the fields of chief execution. Being anengineer, for example, is an added perquisite when it comes todigital markets and technology.

Mostemployers seeking a CEO usually look for ambition, long-termstrategic thinking, and vision to lead. Firstly, a great CEO in aFortune 500 company is required to lead with vision by shaping thecompany’s environment to be a palpable and a distinct culture.One’s actions and attitude should set the pace towards theworkforce at every company’s level. By leading with vision, alsomeans that one should be able to encourage productivity byrisk-taking and encouraging personal judgment calls.

Secondly,structured and strategic thinking is an inevitable trait of a CEO offortune 500 company. Bragg (2011) argues that a Chief ExecutiveOfficer needs to have a strong management by having the ability topay attention and focus to detail. He/she should also have basicskills of problem-solving, sharp communication skills and a high IQto work collaboratively in the company. Strategic thinking alsoinvolves taking action plans to achieve certain goals, and this isachieved by building closer relationships with seniors in theorganization. Furthermore, raw ambition is a very crucial attributethat a CEO should have. Since most CEOs of the Fortune 500 Companystart their careers as junior vice presidents in some relatedbusinesses before becoming heads in the firms, a substantial CEO,should have the capability and willingness to get entrepreneurs toshare. The traits acquired enable one to find new opportunities andby exercising them, one cultivates a successful company.

ConsideringI have a combination of merits, perseverance, and hard work, Ibelieve that I am fit for the essentials of becoming a top-notch CEOof the Fortune 500 Company. The extra time that I spend learningabout finances in my special classes and seminars has equipped mewith great knowledge regarding strategic thinking and prudentdecision-making. Taking a business related course is also an addedperk as it has given me various learning opportunities, to an extentof even working closely with top business leaders who have mentoredmy entrepreneurship skills.

Thedisposition to act independently and tough, yet in a compassionateand charismatic manner as a CEO is a challenge, as one needs to makemassive personal sacrifices. For example, a CEO of the Fortune 500company needs to exhibit tremendous mental and physical stamina byputting the job first on 24/7 basis. However, the requirement ofbalancing my CEO position with my other business desires can be agreat challenge for me. On the contrary, lack of the necessary skillsin the fields of accounting, engineering and economics is a hindranceto lead others with vision in the fields of technology. For me, itmay be difficult to navigate and adapt to a company that has acomplicated ecosystem.


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