Do not drink and drive

Drinking is a person’s individual behavior as long as it does notaffect those human beings around him (Cafaro&amp Tina 58). , it doesnot really matter if one an individual has a good control overalcohol addiction, one should definitely refrain from drinking if heor she is to drive. Every single death and injury that is caused bydrunk driving is highly preventable.

Premise One:

(a) People should not judge or blame others due to the actions thatare built to themselves but driving vehicles when drunk.

(b) Alcoholism increases the chances of accidents and injuriesbecause of the interruption of one’s control and imparity.

Premise Two:

(a)The consequences of driving when drunk are not only effective tothe drunk drivers.

(b)Driving under the influence of alcohol causes many legalpunishments that are multiple.

(c)When an individual is intoxicated, it is unlikely for him or herto perform tasks which are normally and respond to the stimulinormally in the existing environment.

Premise three:

(a)The consequences include license revocation and this has turned tobe the most effective strategy for reducing drunk driving.

(b)Other consequences are the suspension of the license, confiscatedplates of the vehicle, impounding, jail and fines for the drunkdrivers.

Premise four:

(a)One should imagine of taking the life of a fellow human being, lawconsequences are not the only types of punishments that one can get(Cafaro&amp Tina 68).

(b)Those who put other people and families in much torture throughcausing injuries and making other people live lives filled withpains, isolation, disabilities, loss of their loved ones and medicalbills, should live with their mistake for the rest of their lives.


Since driving when drunk is a very serious problem, serious solutionshave to be taken in order to improve the situation. It is not an easytask to develop solutions to this problem but the most effectivestrategy is restricting young people from driving at night.

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