Does Media Violence cause Aggression


DoesMedia Violence cause Aggression

DoesMedia Violence cause Aggression?


Itis known that people become a product of the environment they are in.The media is already influencing people highly in things likerelationships, shopping, and even education (Pozios, et al. 2013).Personally, I have also been a victim of media influence. Forinstance, as a child watching cartoons and even action films, I usedto like emulating the heroes. Many children also today are copyingthe cartoons they are seeing. Today even some of my clothes areinspired by what I have seen on the media. Events such as the redcarpet where celebrities wear designs by the biggest fashiondesigners internationally, fashion week, and many others have made meat times change my wardrobe because I want to look fashionable justlike the celebrities and other fashion renowned people. I am surethat everyone person who has access to media is in a way affected byit.

Themedia has also influenced me positively in that they bring talk showsthat feature people who have made in life people like Oprah, BillGates, Usain Bolt and many others. By watching some of these peoplehaving started from scratch, I am inspired to work with what I haveand do my very best to become successful.


Ido believe that media corporations should be held financially orlegally responsible if a certain message conveyed by media isbelieved to be a factor in a certain crime. Reason being, the mediashould be aware of what they release to their audience and weigh whatkind of repercussions it will have. Many are the times that mediaconvey hate or racial messages that make people become violent andact out. According to studies were done, 10 percent of violence amongthe youth is as a result of television alone (Liliana, et al.2008).Today the kind of music being played is about sex, violenceagainst women and drugs. If media corporations were held responsiblewhether financially or legally, some of these violent acts wouldnever happen or the number would drastically drop. The number ofschool shoot outs is increasing at a very alarming rate. America’schildren are harming and killing their fellow students and showing nomercy. Some of these students imitate what they see on their screensand especially movie. In some of these actions movies, the criminalsare somewhat glorified, and this excites young people who want toexperience everything. Therefore, the media should be held, and heavyfines imparted on them to make them realize that things aredeteriorating in the world, and they are heavy to blame.


Hussmannand Taylor are correct when they state that media violence heavilycauses aggression. Therefore, action has to be taken so that exposureto harmful effects, especially to the young people, should be greatlyreduced. For one parent have a major role to play in monitoring whattheir children watch especially at home (Senate Committee on theJudiciary, 1999). Parents should educate their children about thenegative effects of watching violent and pornographic films. Theyshould control wholesomely to whatever their children watch. Forinstance internet, televisions and video games should be moved frombedrooms and moved to the common areas. Secondly, media corporationsshould be heavily penalized for showing violent content and more sothat which has contributed to a crime being committed. The governmentshould also take the initiative in controlling what the media feedsits audience (Media Smarts, 2016). Programs that have gruesome,violent acts should be prohibited. Programs that have violence shouldbe given a time frame such as 9.00 pm when most children are asleep.The media should also make a commitment to be sensitive towardsviolence towards women and minorities.


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