“Does this world have a purpose?”

&quotDoesthis world have a purpose?&quot

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&quotDoesthis world have a purpose?&quot

Thisquestion could be rephrased to &quotDo we have a purpose in theworld?&quotBefore attempting to answer the question it would besignificant to define the term purpose. The purpose is a mission thatone is set to accomplish within a given time frame. So the questionattempts to answer if each one of us has a mission to accomplish inthis world. It would be important to point out that one cannot engagein a mission if they don`t know what the mission is. This is same assaying that one cannot embark on a journey if they don`t know whattheir destination is. So the first step is to find out or discoverwhat our purpose in the world is since its clear everyone has amission to accomplish before they exit the world.

Thepurpose of the world is determined by the purpose of each individual.It is vital to know that everyone was created so that they couldfulfill a particular purpose in the world. That explains why eachindividual is different from the other. Each individual is endowedwith unique knowledge and skills whose proper utilization is meant tomake an impact in the world. The strength of every individual is thepurpose that they have to make an impact in the world. Unless eachindividual takes the time to discover what their purpose in the worldis by discovering their potential, then they may never fulfill thatpurpose. The reason why we have artists, writers, doctors, nurses,accountants, farmers, among other people engaged in differentoccupations, is to provide an opportunity for each to play theirrightful role and hence fulfill their purpose.

Themedia, for example, has its role in informing the public of theirpurpose and by playing that role they are actually fulfilling thepurpose o the world. The purpose of the world is to provide afavorable environment for every generation that inhabits it. Byproviding a positive environment for the individual to functionproperly, the world provides an opportunity for everyone to expressthemselves fully. When individuals are provided with such anenvironment, they are able to bring out the best version ofthemselves and hence discover their purpose. On discovering theirpurpose the individuals are then able to lay down the strategiesaimed at achieving the purpose.

Anindividual`s purpose is a world`s purpose, and it leads totransformation of environments and lives that ensure continuity inthe world. An individual who has discovered their purpose are able to[play their roles and responsibilities properly so that they do theirpart in achieving the purpose of the world. Politicians, leaders,evangelists, actors, singers among others are all engaged inactivities that are geared towards fulfilling their purpose and hencethat of the world. The world has a purpose but that purpose is onlyaccomplished after each individual ply their rightful role and theremake a difference in the world.

Inconclusion, the purpose of the world is to provide good environmentsso that each individual is able to exploit their maximum potential.The purpose of the world is making people be able to deliver thatwhich they were created to accomplish. Through the discovery ofindividual talents and capacities, everyone is able to engage inactivities that make a difference in the world and enhance it forfuture generations.