Effects of science on food we eat


Effectsof science on food we eat

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Effectsof science on the food we eat

Theeffect of science on the food eaten is studied under food sciencewhich is a discipline where physical sciences, biological sciences,and engineering are applied to the study of nature, reasons for thedecline, doctrines of food processing as well as improvement of foodsfor the public1.Food scientists are involved in developing new foods, proposeprocesses to produce the foods, choosing of packaging materials, andconducting chemical and microbiological testing. From this, it isevident that science will have some effect on the food one eats.

Itenlightens people on how to eat balanced diets, the foods needed tooptimize their health, and how vitamins and nutrients work to benefitindividuals. The interaction between human nutrition and food scienceis clear since scientists spend time learning about the components offood like carbohydrates, vitamins or proteins hence enable consumersto study the food content before consuming2.People can calculate the amount of protein they consume daily, tracktheir intake of calories, and also make changes to their diet totarget either their cholesterol levels or lose weight. These are madeonly made possible through science.

Theinteraction between foods and their components are also studied henceenables people to choose food combinations that suit their desires.For example, the body absorbs some minerals and vitamins efficientlywhen in combination with other vitamins and minerals calcium andvitamin D are symbiotically related in the body. Some studies helpidentify reactions of foods when prepared or stored in a given way3.All these help in applying principles of good eating habits to lowerworld malnutrition and hunger.

Sciencedictates the food we eat not only at personal levels but globally aslegislators and activists set nutritional standards to be met inschools and pharmaceutical industries. It can only happen afterscientific researchers have determined the healthy amount of food andthat which is harmful.

Inconclusion, science affects the food people eat because it informsthem on what balanced diet entails and what amount of calories toconsume per day. Interactions between different food componentswithin the body and the inclusion of some nutritional standards innational laws that make it mandatory for people to consume forexample through nutrition supplements or packaged foods.


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