Electronic Health Records


ElectronicHealth Records


Managementstrategic plans contain the goals that the organization intends toachieve. In order to achieve the strategic goals, management need toput in place a system that simplifies work, enhance efficiency, andreduce cost in the long run. An electronic health record (EHR)system, for instance, will enable the organization to file recordswhich can be easily retrieved. Continuous improvement of the systemhelp the management to achieve strategic goals more easily than ifmanual system is adopted.


Knownincentives for implementation of the record include the governmentgrants offered to organizations that implement the health recordsystem. For instance, Carillion clinic was awarded a sum of $9million in 2011 for effective utilization of the system (Carroll,Edwards &amp Rodin, 2012). Other health facilities were to receiveincentives upon satisfactory implementation.

EHRimproves safety of patients because of its ability to offerpredictions. It aids forestalling and evading conditions such asheart attacks (Carroll, Edwards &amp Rodin, 2012). Allergies due todrug conflicts or interaction and errors made by physicians can beavoided by use of the system. The system enhances communication amongclinicians, offers a chance to involve clients, and leads to bettercoordination.


Therole of nurses and other clinicians include implementing and offeringreports and recommendations regarding functioning of the system(Carroll, Edwards &amp Rodin, 2012). Nurses helps in feeding data tothe systems that are used by all users. They ensure information isaccessible for end consumers.


Anurse who specializes in informatics prepares and records clinicalinformation in the system. He improves the systems operations andtrains other nurses and health workers. The nurse also research onways to maximize the systems usability.


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