Energy Resource




Humanpopulation growth

Thehigher the human population growth the more energy resources will beneeded. Fossil fuel is non-renewable energy that indicated a worldannual growth rate of 2% from 1980 to 2006. By 2004, fossil fuelswere the leading sources of energy supplying 86% of the energy usedall over the world. It is anticipated that with the continuedincreased rate of fossil fuel utilization, due to high populationgrowth, in the next 150 years at most the fossil energy will beexhausted. Wind power and solar energy are amongst renewable sourcesof energy. Currently, the wind power utilization is growing at a rateof 30% due to improved technology and increased populationnecessitating more power. Since the ancient times, solar energy hasbeen evolving with the population growth requiring more power. By2060 solar power anticipates it will be offering a third of all worldenergy required to cater for the growing population.


Sustainableenergy is concerned with utilizing energy appropriately and producingenergy from clean sources and technologies. The majority of thecities in the world have started recycling plants for cans hence,helping companies to conserve the energy that would have been used tomanufacture new ones. The continued annual increase in power usageand bills can be reduced by being energy conscious, like throughunplugging electrical appliance to avoid standby energy consumption.The reduced usage will achieve both fossil fuel usage and power billsreduction. Also, the installation of solar panels will serve a greatpurpose like heating water in homes because unlike heaters it doesnot consume fossil fuel during heating. The use of public vehiclesalso serves the purpose of reducing fossil fuels energy consumptions.However, the continued use of solar and wind energy is moreadvantageous than the fossils fuel energy because they areenvironmentally friendly, and they are not subject to depletion.

Earthas a system

Earthas a system has various factors that can determine energy resourceschoices. On a daily basis, an individual must make a decision onwhich energy to use. These factors include basic needs, price,convenience and social healthy. Fossil fuels energy is widely used asmost of these factors favor them. In the social setting, there arecompeting factors for energy resources. Economics is the majorinfluence on the energy choices. The fossil fuels energy is the mostused followed by solar and wind energy. The fossil fuels can beeasily transported leading to their availability throughout theworld. Although solar technology, as a source of energy is widelyspread, it has not been well received due to high initialinstallation cost of solar panels. Wind technology as a source ofenergy is not widely used due to high initial project cost to thegovernments.

Hazardousearth processes

Hazardousearth processes like the earthquake and volcanic eruptions havecaused a lot of deaths and destruction of properties. Extracting ofnatural resources is not spared. Fossil fuels are not extracted in apure form readily for use they pass through various processes whichare usually not environmental friendly. During mining ores areextracted in pit mining leaving earth openings which disrupt theexisting ecosystem in various ways like releasing contaminants. Also,the methods of disposal of byproducts are threats to the environment.Geologic hazards are known to tamper with the byproducts. Hazardousearth processes like lightening are known to affect the flow ofcurrent. Some people choose to use fossil fuels as a source of energydue to their reduced risks when using as compared wind and solarenergy.


Earthscience have various disciplines like geophysics and mineralogyconcerned with earth materials, that is, the knowledge is used toappreciate, describe and exploit deposits. They achieve this throughchemical analysis of the known minerals that might be present indifferent types of rocks. After the analysis, the economic viabilityof the project is carried out to explore on sustainability and theenvironmental effects. The next step involves exploitation of energydeposits discovered. Also, before the wind power station is set up anextensive research is conducted to establish its effect on thelocation. For the solar energy no much research is required as it isenvironmental friendly. Provided an area receives sunlight it iseasier to tap solar energy using devices like solar panel.