Enron The Smartest Guys in the Room Q1.

Enron:The Smartest Guys in the Room


Theethical framework that motivated Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling’sactions are respect, integrity, excellence, and communication (Cox,Barry, and Ann 29).They believed that people should treat others, as they would want tobe treated. They did not tolerate disrespectful, abusive,ruthlessness, and arrogance treatment. On the ethic of integrity, thetwo were determined to work with their clients openly, sincerely, andhonestly. In the Enron code of ethics, the company aimed atconducting its business affairs in accordance with the law and honestmanner. Further, it was their obligation to communicate and listen totheir employees. I would classify Lay and Skilling to be in thecognitive level of moral development. This is because, when theyfaced ethical dilemma situations, they decided to take an action thatwas ethically right.


Yes,after watching the movie “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” Iagree Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay were the “smartest.” They arewise, as well as focused toward their goals. In addition, they had aformulated a clear plan on how to be successful. The idea ofmanipulating income, inflating stock price, and shutting down powerplant was smart.


SherronWatkins was a whistle blower, and for sometimes, she tried to steerEnron Company in the right direction. Occasionally, she helped toreveal the illegal activities that were happening within the company,as well giving Lay some warning (Miller,Agnes, and John 55).She also wrote anonymous memos to Lay warning him that they arelikely to implode in an accounting scandal, which later came tohappen.


Ithink Watkins would do the same thing today even after knowing theconsequences of her actions. She is an ethical person who believesthings should be done in the right way. As a lecturer, she advisesher students not to accept rules over principles (McLean,Bethany, and Peter 24).She advocated that people should be whistle blowers in case theydetect a problem.


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