Environmental science



Itis evident and crucial to note that GMO’s have been crucial infeeding millions of individuals in the world. Despite the fact thatthey have been crucial in feeding millions of people, there arevarious effects associated with this GMO products. For instance, inthe case of humans, after they consume the GMO products, there is apossibility that they might cause mutation in the body of the humanbeings. This is because of the human genes that are introduced intothe life modified organisms that can easily cause cancerousinfection. In the case of plant life, I think GMO plants are known tooffer stiff competition to the natural species in the naturalnutrients available thus inhibiting the growth of the natural crops.Outgrowing the indigenous crops, in turn, disturbs the ecologicalbalance and in turn in affects the natural diversity (Uzogara,2000).


Tobegin with, it is critical to note that the occurrence of the naturalecosystem must be maintained at all costs. Some of the long-termeffects associated with the conversion of land to residential andbusiness purposes include the clearance of forests that can lead tothe change in the climate of the involved region. For instance,clearing forests might lead to the loss of rainfall since trees areknown to attract rain and thus a change in the weather of the region.Besides, conversion of land for such use might temper with theecosystem thus disrupting the naturally occurring organisms.Additionally, converting land for agriculture might be disastrous inthe sense of soil erosion. This is because the erosion of a place(for instance the forest) might be naturally adapted to the givenplants grown in that region. Therefore, a simple conversion of landfor agricultural purposes might lead to rapid soil erosion in theregion.


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