Environmental Science


Biodiversityand Food Production

Biodiversityrefers various species of living things e.g. plants, microorganismand animals and the environment that they interrelate and live in.This issue has been instrumental as this species live and depends oneach other on their daily lives. For instance, where plant need crosspollination insect feeds on the nectar and as they move to anotherflower they transfer pollen grain to the other flower. Thus,fertilizers take place and production begins, and that’s howinsects in plants facilitate production. Also, there are microbialspecies that are found in animal or plants or soils that aid theseother species to produce minerals, for instance in legumes noduleconvert nitrogen to useful plant mineral that is essential for plantsgrowth.

Thereare also various insect, amphibians, birds, and animals that are usedin agricultural fields to control pests naturally. Diversity ingenetics has proven to be helpful as increases the chance of cropsurvival in case of extreme weather conditions or disease resistance.Thus, in long run genetic biodiversity has resulted in high foodproduction. Also, human feed on the animals, then the animals feedon these plants and the animals produce manure through their wastesfor plants. Biodiversity and food production are interrelated we havethe responsibility to safeguard our environment to achieve theirbenefits. Understanding biodiversity aids in strengthening foodproduction.


Humanssurvive on food. Being able to sustain ourselves by knowing how theenvironment works to me is a score. When you go to a market and youpurchase vegetables or fruits at an affordable price you will notnotice the importance of food production or biodiversity but whenprice shoots you come to your senses and appreciate the plentifulfood that was there before we were hit by shortages. So when we startto destroy the natural system of biodiversity, am usually worriedbecause I know how important biodiversity to food production is.Knowing that we have a well-preserved biodiversity and plentiful foodto eat gives me a lot of peace and sense of security. Thus, I trulyappreciate the importance of biodiversity and food productions asthey promote self-sufficiency.


Ican come part of the solution by advocating for those affirmativeactions that promote the preservation of our environment biodiversityand actions that encourage food production. Biodiversity has a lot ofspecies that are being a target by actions for instance in marinelife breeding ground and habitats of fish are being destroyed, I canadvocate for self-fishing practicing measure to promote marine life.Also, insect and especially pollination insect can be reared forinstance bee, but as they pollinate, they can also produce honey too.

WaterPollution and Nonrenewable Energy

Somany organisms depend on water to survive. There those that the wateritself is its habitat, and their lives depend on balanced nutrientsand particular natural compositions in these waters. On the otherhand, there are organisms’ drinks or intake this water for theirmetabolism. It is important to note that water carries oxygenirrespective whether it is in plant, animals or sea organism. Thuswhen we pollute the water bodies and especially with oil and itsby-products through mining activities the water bodies in theaffected areas usually die due to suffocation as their ability totake oxygen is inhibit. Also, when this water is polluted eitherthrough chemical or solid wastes disposal, we destroy the habitat ofparticular organisms which either migrate or die due to side effectsof the chemicals. Water pollution can also be caused by industriesthat emit toxic gases into the atmosphere this gases mix with rainand form acidic rains that negatively affect crops and even animals.

Nonrenewableresources are those resource once used they cannot be recycled orreproduced. Major fuels in this class are natural gas coal and oil.The challenges faced in the reproduction of these fuels is thatscientist has stated that it takes billions of years for it be formedand it would be irrelevant to invest in such a dream. The greatestchallenge today that we as human society tries to solve is to find analternative source of energy no because it will be depleted but as aresult, of the effect were are experiencing today with the use ofthese minerals. This knowledge enables us to seek innovative means tocounter this shortage or the future uncertain.


Forthe sustainability of the environment there need for us to cometogether and work towards making our home habitable, We have onehome, this earth. The increase in pollutants destroys those sceneriesyou would have visited and had a picnic. Secondly, water pollutionincreases the cost of clean water. The use of nonrenewable energyresults in the release of greenhouse gases which affect theenvironment negatively, by causing global warming. High prices ofmarine food due to reduced supply have also impacted us. There arealso health cases that have impacted our country as a result of toxicmaterials getting their way into the food chain.


Ican advocate in the local area I come from that we dispose of wasteresponsibly. And sensitize people on various social media platforms.We can form a group and try to come up with ideas that promotealternative uses energy. Preventing pollution is a solution, but wecan actively involve ourselves in cleaning the polluted areas andencouraging various groups of people to become part of the solutionwe want.


Theword means fully utilizing power. Over time researcher has been foundthat we are using a lot of energy that could have been utilized byother resources. Energy efficiency initiative allows us to utilizeenergy effectively and come up with innovative ideas of using theenergy.To minimize and utilize these energies various products arebeing produced regarding laws or regulation encouraging efficientenergy consumption. Technology is being used today to manufactureproducts that use energy efficiently for instance in lightningindustry LED lights, fluorescent lights and natural sky lights aresome of the lights that have been recommended to be used compared toincandescent light bulbs. People and institution are also encouragingefficient use of energy with the aim of reducing the cost associatedwith inefficiency consumption. Efficient use of energy has beenassociated with low level of greenhouse gases thus it is beingencouraged as it reduces global warming effects.


Directlythe use of this initiative has reduced the cost of using energy. Thesame light or service that I could previously get by using certainequipment am getting them at a cheaper cost. The energy efficiencyinitiate has also encouraged the use of alternative energy like solarpower which is currently utilizing. Back at the suburbs, we enjoyedwind power as a result of this initiative.


Iwould encourage colleagues to use this initiative as I have seen itbenefits social media platform would be used to inform the massesand volunteer myself if their community in sensitizing programs orworkshops.

EnvironmentalHazards and Human Health

Thereso many hazardous substances that is released today into theenvironment and has the potential to harm the natural environment orpeople and when unchecked can result in unimaginable consequences.These might include pollutants and natural disasters. For instance,when an earthquake tremor causes buildings to crumble, and people dieas a result of accidents or are buried by debris that is a hazardousoccurrence. A human can also cause hazards when they dispose ofthreatening health materials carelessly without proper disposal. Forinstance, a lot of toxic substances found in seabed that have led tothe death of ocean creatures are deposed by man. When some animalsurvives and is in the food chain, the end being eaten and the toxinsreach human body which later causes health problems. There have beenmany cases of health as a result of eating the particular food oreven being exposed to some environmental condition. For instance,improper disposal and treatment of nuclear waste have resulted inradiation-related health problems like cancer or even skin peelingand eventual death. Some animal and people may be born deformed as aresult too.


Ihave not been directed affected by any hazard substances that did putmy life at risk. But the knowledge of those toxic substances that aredisposed in the sea and has affected my trust in seafood and ameventually those essential minerals I would have eaten. PsychologicalI am always on defense creating unnecessary tension.


Iwould advocate for the government and relevant statutory authoritiesto be vigilant in monitoring those who break the law and disposed ofhazardous substances irresponsibly. I would try to invent andencourage my colleagues to come up with innovative ideas on how bestto deal with hazard cases to avoid contaminating our environment.


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